Dutch Oven Pumpkin Dump Cake

Instead of fussing with pie crusts and taking up oven space to bake a pumpkin pie this holiday season, try this decadent but simple Dutch oven dessert you can cook outside. Cee Dub is pretty well known here in Idaho, but if you want more information, Dutch oven recipes, and more [...]

Dutch Oven Pumpkin Dump Cake2020-10-19T17:03:49-06:00

Arizona EZ Fletch Tips

I have tried several other fletching jigs, but for me, the Arizona EZ Fletch (AZ) is king. I'd like to share a few tips that make it even easier to use. The first picture shows everything you'll need for the following tips. I got very frustrated when the AZ would shift on me [...]

Arizona EZ Fletch Tips2020-10-19T14:28:11-06:00

Dying Feathers with Kool-Aid

For those of you who process your own feathers for fletching, here is an easy method for adding color to them. I decided to try this "how-to" I found on the Internet, which gives detailed instructions for dying feathers with KOOL-AID. I have used green and orange, and the color transfer was very [...]

Dying Feathers with Kool-Aid2020-10-19T14:21:11-06:00

Tracking in Snow

I’ve spent a lot of time tracking animals in snow, ranging from cougars that I want to catch to whitetails that I’m hoping to find piled up a hundred yards downhill. (Wounded deer always seem to run downhill just so you can enjoy packing them uphill once you’ve found them.) Under most conditions, [...]

Tracking in Snow2020-10-19T14:22:20-06:00

Stay Warm In a Treestand

Hunting in November during the rut often means having to hunt in cold weather. Of course, a hunter wants to spend as much time as possible in the stand at that time of the year. I have found that a piece of carpet or heavy felt placed on the platform of my stand [...]

Stay Warm In a Treestand2020-09-28T13:14:53-06:00

Keep Broadheads Sharp in the Quiver

Keeping the edge of your broadhead sharp is essential for successful hunting. Most of the ways to carry arrows involve some contact between the point of the blade and the quiver, which can dull the blades. There is a reusable commercial product that coats the edges (also used for re-sharpened power tool blades), or [...]

Keep Broadheads Sharp in the Quiver2020-09-28T13:06:42-06:00

Understanding Single Bevel Broadheads

Many folks are still confused about single bevel broadheads. A single bevel broadhead is sharpened on only one side of each edge; the opposite edge remains flat. If the bevel (sloped edge) is on the left looking from the base of the broadhead to its point, it's a left bevel; if the bevel [...]

Understanding Single Bevel Broadheads2020-09-28T12:54:28-06:00

Toe Warmers in Your Gloves

When your hands and feet are cold it's harder to stay in the field. Many gloves are too bulky to use while holding a bow on cold days, so I came up with a solution: toe warmers. They work well in medium weight gloves such as the KUIU Guide glove that I like [...]

Toe Warmers in Your Gloves2020-09-28T12:47:40-06:00

Easy Stick-on Arrow Rest

For folks like me who like to use stick-on arrow rests, here's a cheapie that is very easy to make. First, you need a "clip strip." "Clip strips" are used by many retail stores to display merchandise and most stores will give you some used ones rather than throw them away. One full-length [...]

Easy Stick-on Arrow Rest2020-09-28T12:19:52-06:00

Bowstring Wax

A bowstring needs to be waxed periodically to prevent fraying and keep it functioning well. I like to make my own bowstring wax. Start with beeswax from your local beekeeper or online beekeeping supply house. Melt it inside a clean tin can placed into a pot of boiling water (be careful, it is [...]

Bowstring Wax2020-09-23T08:50:51-06:00
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