My local archery range had replaced all its 3-D targets, and left the old shot up targets in the parking area. I chose a pig target that had a 10″ hole blown through the center; it looked as though it had been blasted with a shotgun…numerous times.

Rather than fix it with expensive two-part target repair material, I purchased a can of aerosol foam insulation that came with a long nozzle. I sprayed most of the foam into the cavity, using the nozzle to probe deeply into the arrow holes. After letting it dry for a few days,I then sawed off all the excess foam. I’ve also heard you can wrap the target body with cellophane wrap to keep the foam contained, then remove it after the foam dries. I spray painted the pig a flat brown and I’ve been shooting away at it ever since.

The foam insulation, while softer than the original stuff, stops arrows very well. Shafts pull out easily, and when it’s shot up again I’ll repeat the foaming process. For only a few dollars I’ve made a throwaway target whole again…given it new life.