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Tip of the Week

Become a better archer, one tip at a time.

We aim to preserve the heritage of the bow and arrow by being the premier source for inspiration, motivation and education that will foster a community of traditional bowhunters for years to come.

Put Some Punch Into Your Carbon Arrows

Wood arrows are my favorite for most of my shooting, but in some hunting situations the consistency and strength of carbon make it a better choice. I like [...]

On The Level – Balance Your Cooking Surface

Outdoor cooking is easy and fun. The whole idea is to throw a few items into the Dutch oven, cover it, and come back later to a perfectly [...]

Cutting Feathers for Arrow Fletching

There are many ways to cut feathers before fletching an arrow, but this tip will also work when cutting feathers that are already on the shaft. Sometimes it [...]

Paper Tuning Bare Shaft Arrows

When paper tuning bare shafts to correct arrow flight, you need to know the direction the nock end of the shaft is pointing relative to the hole made [...]

Adjustable Bow Rack

I have a nice traditional bow and arrow rack in my office for off-season display. However, when the whitetail deer bowhunting season approaches, I want to have my [...]

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