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T. J. Conrads is the Editor, Publisher and Founder of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. He has written many articles over the years, and has also written two excellent books: The Traditional Bowhunter's Handbook and Campfire Reflections.

Hunting Alone—A Few Safety Tips

As bowhunters, we spend a lot of time in the woods, forests, and hills alone, often times many miles from home…or from help should something happen. We have all heard stories of hunters being lost, hurt, or killed in the wilds every year. I have a friend who fell out of a tree [...]

Hunting Alone—A Few Safety Tips2021-09-01T10:41:59-06:00

Redfish and Crawfish

Winters are hard on the high desert of Idaho that I call home. Although I thoroughly enjoy living out in the vast Snake River Plain, the winters are long, cold, and windy. After the fall big game seasons are over, I pick up my shotgun and hunt birds out back, or waterfowl down [...]

Redfish and Crawfish2021-05-17T12:08:38-06:00

In the Heat of the Night

The room was getting warmer, the air palpable, and the bidding hitting levels higher than I hoped for. I had no idea who was bidding against me in the crowded banquet room Saturday night in St. Augustine, Florida, at the Professional Bowhunters Society (PBS) Biennial Gathering, but I knew my limit was soon [...]

In the Heat of the Night2021-05-17T10:11:45-06:00

Editor’s Note Jun/Jul 2021

As we enter into our 33rd year here at Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine, it is quite apparent that change is inevitable. And change can be good, bad, or indifferent depending on how one looks at it. Many changes have taken place here at TBM since its inception in a dark pub one snowy December [...]

Editor’s Note Jun/Jul 20212021-04-15T10:59:07-06:00

Smooth Leading Edge

If you shoot a selfbow without an arrow shelf, you may have experienced feathers cutting your finger. Worse, you may have run a quill a ways into your finger. This happens when the leading edge of the lower hen feather is slightly lifted off the arrow or has a sharp edge to it. [...]

Smooth Leading Edge2021-03-01T09:41:07-07:00

Traditional Archives: Saxton T. Pope

One man clearly stands out when you think back to the advent of modern bowhunting in the United States—Saxton T. Pope. What Maurice Thompson started in the late 1800s, Pope took to the next level in the 1920s. Saxton Temple Pope was born at Fort Stockton, Texas, on September 4, 1875. His father, [...]

Traditional Archives: Saxton T. Pope2021-01-21T10:55:09-07:00

Understanding Single Bevel Broadheads

Many folks are still confused about single bevel broadheads. A single bevel broadhead is sharpened on only one side of each edge; the opposite edge remains flat. If the bevel (sloped edge) is on the left looking from the base of the broadhead to its point, it's a left bevel; if the bevel [...]

Understanding Single Bevel Broadheads2020-09-28T12:54:28-06:00

Shooting Arrows Uphill and Downhill

Learning to shoot uphill and downhill is a must if you ever plan on hunting steep or hilly terrain. The fact is most bowhunters who are not experienced in shooting up and down invariably shoot high. Deer and other game live in a wide variety of terrain, and if you are hunting out [...]

Shooting Arrows Uphill and Downhill2020-09-21T12:25:28-06:00

Prairie Faith—Bowhunting Antelope in Wyoming

I love the high desert of the West with its sage- and rabbit-brush blanketed prairies. The smell of the prairie and the abundant wildlife there have a fond place in my heart, bringing back memories of hunting and fishing the Snake River plain of Idaho in my youth. But southeast Wyoming is a [...]

Prairie Faith—Bowhunting Antelope in Wyoming2020-08-04T12:58:33-06:00

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