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Eliminate Skunk Essence

Springtime in the Rockies means the critters are out and about. Tired of marauding raccoons, I'd been live-trapping and relocating them. I was surprised and less than delighted one morning to find a young skunk in the trap. I knew how to handle this situation: Toss a rug, blanket or even a bath [...]

Eliminate Skunk Essence2021-03-16T13:49:31-06:00

A Fungus Among Us — Mushroom Hunting

Among the most delectable meals I've ever enjoyed was a roast jake turkey with a creamed morel-wine sauce, brewed up by Chef Don Thomas using wild ingredients he'd harvested himself. Every spring across much of America, in parallel with turkey season, foragers are blessed with the brief annual return of the exquisite morel [...]

A Fungus Among Us — Mushroom Hunting2019-07-03T09:05:45-06:00

Elkheart’s Elk or Venison Jerky

If you've been around these parts for a while, you may have seen or even tried this recipe before, either in Traditional Bowhunter or the book A Man Made of Elk; but give it a second try anyhow, as the version below reflects several subtle improvements and makes the best game jerky I've [...]

Elkheart’s Elk or Venison Jerky2019-07-03T09:06:18-06:00

Elkheart’s Favorite Bone Saw

If we take the advertisements seriously, we should all be packing a hunting knife as big as a machete, a bone saw sufficient to cut trees down, and maybe even a hatchet--and all that steel encased in heavy leather sheaths, of course--just to field dress a little deer. Well, as Daddy used to [...]

Elkheart’s Favorite Bone Saw2018-10-15T16:03:38-06:00

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