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Campfire Stories

Hunting Stories from Traditional Bowhunting legends.

Two Day Buck

The reasons for switching from a compound bow to a traditional bow had been stacking up in my mind. Little did I know that only a few years into the traditional journey I’d [...]

Hunting Stingrays; Learning From a Pioneer

The small skiff motored ahead through an increasingly stiffening headwind as the archers strained to see through the choppy surface and murky depths. Suddenly, one of the bowmen shouted “RAY” and pointed starboard with [...]

The Last Traditional Bowhunt in Nunavik

It all began about twenty years ago, when I started hunting with a bow and arrow. Growing up in the heart of the Alps, I have always been in close contact with nature. [...]

Squirrels Are My Friend

Original artwork by Kyle Sivertsen I was cold and stiff from two hours of sitting motionless near a game trail waiting for elk. The mid-October morning was the first cold one of the [...]

Traditional Archives—Swinehart’s Safari

Since the age of six, Bob Swinehart had been daydreaming about bowhunting in Africa. By the time he’d reached adulthood and could make good on that childhood fantasy, he had become personal friends [...]

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