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Campfire Stories

Hunting Stories from Traditional Bowhunting legends.

Camping with Pope and Young

Saxton Pope and Arthur Young’s hunting adventures in the early part of the last century are well documented. In Pope’s book Hunting with the Bow & Arrow, published in 1923, the author devotes [...]

The Speed of the Longbow

Jake Hamilton belted it out on the radio as I drove into the fading darkness. There was something electric and alive that day that seemed to super charge the air and, as if [...]

Dupe ’em with Decoys

Using decoys to help lure animals into range goes back almost as far as our hunting history does. In fact, early man and Native Americans were the first to employ many of the [...]

Two Old Goats—Chasing Free-Range Tahr in New Zealand

I first met Phillip about 10 years ago in the Frank Church Wilderness of Idaho. He was packing a rifle and hunting elk, while I had my trusty recurve and was chasing bighorns. [...]

Archery—My Primal Stress Relief

It was 38 degrees outside my tent cot. I was wearing pajamas, wader liners, a jacket, gloves, wool socks, a blanket, and my sleeping bag. Essentially I was wrapped up like steaming hotdog, [...]

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