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Campfire Stories

Hunting Stories from Traditional Bowhunting legends.

Beat The Clock Bull

Like most big hunts made by folks of limited means, the one I did for caribou in 2017 started with a whole lot of procrastination. One is always finding excuses to put off [...]

Annie Get Your Bow

Seeing women in a hunting camp these days is not at all uncommon. It happens so regularly, in fact, that their male counterparts simply accept the female member of the party as just [...]

Ava’s Arrow

After my fourth notice from Wyoming Game and Fish in as many years telling me that I once again had missed the unit I really wanted to draw, I considered my options for [...]

Bowhunting the Deer of Sunny Spain

It was the last hour of our last hunting day. My brother and I were on our way home, and feeling defeated. Here we were, in the forests of our home country of [...]

Prairie Faith—Bowhunting Antelope in Wyoming

I love the high desert of the West with its sage- and rabbit-brush blanketed prairies. The smell of the prairie and the abundant wildlife there have a fond place in my heart, bringing [...]

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