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Campfire Stories

A collection of stories about hunting with traditional bows.

Some are new stories, and some were published in past issues of Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine.

The Bowhiking Chronicles #101320: October Musings

On a recent, crisp morning, I stepped outside of my front door and caught myself musing how much I loved the month of October. For years, the month of September has been my [...]

The Old Bowhunter

The old bowhunter stood there running his bent fingers over his favorite bow. He mused how its nicks and scratches from time in the field marked its age, just as the lines on [...]

The Bowhiking Chronicles #092820: Soak It All In

The one time of the year that I look forward to the most is the month of September. And given the high level of anticipation and long wait time, I tend to have [...]

Migration Trails and Bowhunting Tales

During winter months the deep snows at higher elevations trigger the seasonal migration of mule deer. It is during these times that mule deer move in large herds down along ancestral travel corridors [...]

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