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Campfire Stories

A collection of stories about hunting with traditional bows.

Some are new stories, and some were published in past issues of Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine.

Goldilocks and the Twenty-three Bears

“Woof!” The sound sent a chill down my spine. I looked over my shoulder to see a large, hungry looking grizzly bear watching me intently from directly across the river. I turned my [...]

My Journey: From Up High to Down Low

I received my first bow at the ripe old age of eight. It was a cheap, red, fiberglass longbow that had a black plastic handle, and it came with four blue fiberglass arrows. [...]

Ron LaClair: The Real Deal

“The bow and arrows of days gone by Live still today through you and I.” From “The Legacy,” by Ron LaClair It makes sense that a diehard archer and bowhunter like Ron LaClair [...]

Dang Hogs!

I have read a lot of stories in outdoor magazines (including the unbeatable Traditional Bowhunter Magazine) that shout high praise for the merits of hunting feral hogs. I agree with the praise for [...]

Stalking and Still-Hunting

The nearly lost art of getting close. For clarification’s sake, I’d like to talk about what stalking is versus still-hunting. Sometimes hunters will refer to stand hunting as still-hunting, as I will on [...]

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