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Campfire Stories

A collection of stories about hunting with traditional bows.

Some are new stories, and some were published in past issues of Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine.

The Big Five—The Elephant in the Room

There has been a controversy in bowhunting history circles since 1989 when Bill Negley published Archer in Africa. Two questions were central to Negley’s claims in the book, and there was a chapter [...]

Big Five—Revisiting a Legend: Bill Negley

In the fall of 1994, I received a phone call out of the blue from a man who identified himself as Dick in a rich Texas drawl that reminded me of my own [...]

The Pursuit of Bowmaking

Growing up as one of four daughters in a family dedicated to traditional longbows, I have been shooting a bow since I was able to pull one back and have been an avid [...]

New Zealand Recurve Roar

All I can hear is my heart pounding in my chest, resonating into my head. My breathing is deep and shaky as I watch this huge figure emerge from the thick, wet scrub [...]

The Ground Game: Southern Hogs

The sea breeze was noisily rustling the palm fronds when I heard a slight splash from the freshwater slough just to my south. The water was hidden by thick palmetto ground cover. A [...]

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