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New Zealand Recurve Roar

All I can hear is my heart pounding in my chest, resonating into my head. My breathing is deep and shaky as I watch this huge figure emerge from the thick, wet scrub [...]

The Ground Game: Southern Hogs

The sea breeze was noisily rustling the palm fronds when I heard a slight splash from the freshwater slough just to my south. The water was hidden by thick palmetto ground cover. A [...]

Pausing Along the Way

"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." -Ernest Hemingway I'm sitting in our den next to the wood stove in [...]

Morning, Noon and Night: An Adventure with Stickbows

The morning started out much like the first few of our eight day elk hunt high in Idaho's back country. My partner Dave Stanley and I got up well before dawn, had breakfast, [...]

Beat The Clock Bull

Like most big hunts made by folks of limited means, the one I did for caribou in 2017 started with a whole lot of procrastination. One is always finding excuses to put off [...]

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