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Hunting for Shed Antlers

Hunting for deer, elk or moose shed antlers can be a fun and rewarding activity for the whole family. It is a great way to dispel "cabin fever" [...]

Bear Aware

Anyone who spends time afield in Alaska should be acutely aware that they are sharing the environment with black, brown, and grizzly bears, prevalent along any stream that [...]

How to Clean a Turkey

Getting the meat off a turkey is very easy using Fred Eichler's method. He also shows us where to cut to get the beard and tail, [...]

Face Camouflage

Face Mask I have a long history of experimentation with various ways to keep my face from spooking game. The problem is real. No matter what clothing you’re [...]

Advanced Trade Point Techniques

In an issue of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine (TBM), Billy Berger had an article on how to make broadheads similar to the early trade points that were traded to [...]

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