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Review: NEW Bear Grayling Brown Quiver, by Selway

Well, by now the cat should be out of the bag. Even though Chris Parrino (the instigator of the Bear licensed Selway quivers) has been leaking out a [...]

Bow’d Up: A New Bow Review Column

I remember back when I first started reading TBM, always flipping to the bow review column that was written by Blacky Schwarz. Even though I’ve never considered myself a [...]

Split Finger vs 3 Under

Clay Hayes goes over the difference in the split finger style of shooting and the 3 under method as well as how to pick a solid [...]

The Shot-Take it or Leave it?

Shoot or don’t shoot?” That’s a common quiz in hunter education courses, based on safety rules. We believe that knowing when to shoot or not to shoot based [...]

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