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Dangers of Dragging

Ask any bowhunter what activity puts them at maximum risk for a heart attack and you may get answers like shoveling snow, pushing a stuck car, or taking [...]

Hunting Alone—A Few Safety Tips

As bowhunters, we spend a lot of time in the woods, forests, and hills alone, often times many miles from home…or from help should something happen. We have [...]

To Skin a Cat-Choosing the Right Head Gear

The December wind spiking off the Gulf of Mexico was a bitter, damp 25 degrees as we waited our turn for the pontoon boat to shuttle us over to [...]

Coming Down to Earth

Back in the early days of bowhunting, ground blinds were the norm and it was considered unsportsman-like to shoot an animal from a tree. That’s all changed since [...]

How to Use a Compass and Map

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors thoroughly yet simply explains how to navigate with just a compass and a map. Regardless of why and how you spend [...]

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