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Wild Cuisine: The Best Smoked Squirrel BBQ Nachos

I grew up hunting gray squirrels in the backwoods of Northern New Jersey, and to this day I look forward to squirrel season every year. Here in Ohio, [...]

Thursday’s Grace

During the prior weekend, I was set up on another oak point 250 yards northwest of where I was Thursday. I run a mobile stand so I don't [...]

Editor’s Note Jun/Jul 2021

As we enter into our 33rd year here at Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine, it is quite apparent that change is inevitable. And change can be good, bad, or indifferent [...]

Heart of a Hound

If you have opened to this article and begun to read, you likely have a strong connection to traditional bowhunting and with it the history of our ancestors [...]

Reinventing the Wheel, or Archery Tools

I didn’t really start out trying to invent a new quiver. It basically happened by watching two of my archer friends practicing with their bows. They were very [...]

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