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Walkabout for Wapiti

I was sitting on a saddle over four miles into a small wilderness area in eastern Oregon, watching the sun descend in the sky. A brisk wind blew steadily [...]

Anatomy of a Traditional Archery Shot

In this video from Kifarucast, Aron Snyder is joined by Tom Clum of Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear, to talk about the shot sequence and things that [...]

Busting Balloons and Filling Hearts

An old archer, filled with passion and quick of wit, once told me we were “one generation from extinction” and hung on every grizzled word to make sure [...]

Women Bowhunters

“Take my wife hunting? I go hunting to get away from my wife!” Few comments about hunting make my skin crawl as much as that one. Perhaps “Women [...]

Pack Out Workout

Many of us have been there before. Brown down during the morning hunt, then you spend the early afternoon getting it skinned, quartered, boned out, or whatever your [...]

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