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Scent Control on a Budget

“He would eat no fish the day before the hunt, and smoke no tobacco, for these odors are detected a great way off. He rose early, bathed in [...]

A Closer Look at Tents

Camping in the wild can be an important part of the bowhunting experience, offering solitude, proximity to nature, and an opportunity to hunt unpressured game. Most of us [...]

Fire Tonic

There is nothing worse than getting sick during the winter months. Walking around in cold, damp weather can take its toll on your body. I use a simple, [...]


I hate not having something I need when I’m hunting. Unfortunately, the choice often seems to be either toting around a good-sized pack or doing without something I [...]

Packing An Animal Without a Pack

This is an excerpt from Don's article, And One For All, in the Oct/Nov 2019 issue. We weren’t quite done yet. Back when we had four kids at [...]

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