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Campfire Chat Podcast

Hosted by T.J. Conrads and Kerri Doyle

Conversations with various famous and infamous traditional bowhunters. Topics include longbows, recurves and selfbows, as well as arrows, broadheads and bowhunting tactics.

Campfire Chat with Rich Lopez

In this episode, T.J. sat down with Rich Lopez from Maryland, a friend and TBM supporter for many years. Rich repairs and refinished vintage bows to like-new condition. They also chat about bows, [...]

Campfire Chat Fishing with Bowhunting Friends

T.J. and friends spent another week this past summer fishing with Homer Ocean Charters, in Alaska. So here's another round of conversations among friends. Sorry about the background noise, they were on a [...]

Campfire Chat with Andy Ponce

Andy Ponce was kind enough to chat with Kerri Doyle recently about his business, Addictive Archery, and his involvement with Compton Traditional Bowhunters and Traditional Archers of Oregon. Andy, and his wife, Heather, [...]

Campfire Chat with Nancy Doran

Nancy Doran is a wildlife biologist for the State of Maryland. She and her late husband, Dave Doran, owned Archery Past for many years, and Nancy is also very active with the Becoming [...]

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