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     Traditional archery is growing at a rapid pace and we aim to be the premier source of inspiration, motivation and education for those readers in both print and online platforms.

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What’s Coming Up?
February/March 2021 Editorial Schedule

Adventure Issue:

Every issue has a specific theme throughout. The Feb/Mar issue will talk about adventure hunts and more.

This would be a great opportunity to advertise your safari guides, exotic guided hunts, equipment, and any other products to ensure your customers are prepared for the upcoming season.

Animals that are specifically mentioned*: Aoudad, CO moose, mountain goat, whitetail, small game, mountain lion, TX hog, and more!

* Content is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the editorial staff.

To Skin a Cat—Hunting Packs:

This column highlights the products and personal opinions of the various authors in each issue. This issue will be dedicated to hunting packs and our contributors’ thoughts and opinions of particular brands and features. If you happen to sell hunting packs then this is your time to target your ad!

Brands that are specifically mentioned*:

* Content is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the editorial staff.

Main Topics

Hunting Aoudad

Interview with Matt Schuster

Rocky Mountain goats

History of Saxton T. Pope

Hunting small game in New Zealand 

Recipe from Margie Nelson: Elk Shanks

David Peterson: philosophy of the past and present hunter and gatherer.

And More!

* Content is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the editorial staff.

Equipment & Notes:

Almost every story and article we publish has an author who uses name-brand items. Here is a list of some specific products, equipment, and tools the authors used in this issue.*

These products are in addition to the To Skin a Cat column.

  • Bear Razorheads • Thunderhorn longbow • Victory V Force Carbon shafts • Wes Wallace recurve • Traditional Only shafts • Grizzly broadheads • Hoyt recurve • Stalker Coyote longbow • Carbon Express arrows • Muzzy broadheads • Easton FMJ • Magnus Buzzcuts • Sawyer insect repellent • DoTerra insect repellent,

* Content is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the editorial staff.

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New print insertion order require first payment due no later than the close date of the first issue the ad is going to be published.

Wholesale Book Orders

Traditional Bowhunter® offers certain publications for you to sell in your shop at wholesale rates! Contact for rates.

Books available from TBM:

The Traditional Bowhunter’s Handbook ~by T.J. Conrads
The Double Helix~Don Thomas Jr.
Longbow Country ~by Don Thomas Jr.