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The secret to life is a bad memory and a good sense of humor.

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Wild Game Cooking: Feral Hog Tacos

Feral hogs are a nuisance but they sure are tasty if cooked right. In this video from Texas Parks and Wildlife, regional cooking expert Jesse Griffiths, author of "Afield: A Chef's Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish," turns these wild pigs into a melt-in-your-mouth southwestern classic. [...]

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Traditional Archery Aiming with James Zandstra

In this video, James explains the basics of traditional archery aiming systems and terms. To see more topics visit: Instagram:

Traditional Archery Aiming with James Zandstra2020-10-12T11:35:53-06:00

Glenn St. Charles 12/15/1911 to 9/19/2010

A great man and traditional bowhunting legend passed away on Sunday morning surrounded by his family. His tireless, continuing efforts brought bowhunting out of the back woods and into the main offices of fish and game departments all across the United States. Without a doubt, his ideas and life's work is why we have the privilege to enjoy the liberal bowhunting seasons we enjoy today. Glenn St. Charles was the last of the true bowhunting pioneers in North America.

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Heroes of Conservation—Aldo Leopold

Our friends over at Bowga Hunting made this short video celebrating Aldo Leopold, one of the great leaders of the conservation movement as well as hunter responsibilities and ethics. If you haven't read A Sand County Almanac, find a copy! Bowga Hunting has a great website for both traditional and modern [...]

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Digital Issue: Oct/Nov 2020

Featured Articles Blood Choice by Reg Darling The Lucky Horseshoe by Brian Koelzer I Married a Serial Killer! by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Interview with Black Widow Bows by T. J. Conrads Migration Trails and Bowhunting Tales by Alex DeGeorgey Backcountry by Wayne van Zwoll To Start—And Feed—A Fire Go West, [...]

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Campfire Chat with Beka Garris

We've followed Beka Garris for years on social media, and recently she's started writing articles for Traditional Bowhunter. T. J. and Kerri had a chance to chat with her about hunting, cooking wild game and balancing life with time in the outdoors.

Campfire Chat with Beka Garris2020-08-19T10:46:21-06:00

Coming Home

We all enter the woods for a myriad of reasons. Necessity for sustenance, the thrill of an adventure, camaraderie with friends and family, or merely the solace of complete and utter lonesomeness. For some it is a combination of these, or possibly the drive is inexplicable, only existing through generations and generations of [...]

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Digital Issue: Aug/Sep 2020

Featured Articles Eerie Prophecies: It Was Mean To Be by Jorge L. Coppen One Moose of a Challenge by Dennis Dunn The Tribute Hunt by Bryan Burkhardt Soaked to the Bone by Jeff Stonehouse Traditional Shooting by Jason R. Wesbrock Keeping a Log Book Backcountry by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Backcountry [...]

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The Cycle – by Instinctive Adventures

Join Chris Shelton as he bow hunts Western Maryland public land. The cycle is a tribute to our constant involvement with the natural environment that surrounds us. Whitetails, black bears and the smaller critters that you'll find in the woods make an appearance in this short film. Join Chris throughout his [...]

The Cycle – by Instinctive Adventures2020-06-15T16:59:12-06:00
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