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Organize Your Back Issues

Do you have a dozen (or more) Traditional Bowhunter® magazines scattered around the house? You aren't alone. Many of our readers save their magazines and go back through them from time to time. The stories are timeless, and a hunting article that didn't mean much two years ago takes on new meaning when [...]

Organize Your Back Issues2021-04-20T13:21:21-06:00

Meet The Champs: The Wilhelm Brothers

Walt and Kenneth Wilhelm, are in the Archery Hall of Fame. In the 1930s they appeared in these Paramount newsreels. The shots they make will amaze you! Howard Hill shot with these two men, and they are in many of his videos. Enjoy this blast from the past! Kids, please don't [...]

Meet The Champs: The Wilhelm Brothers2021-03-03T12:40:25-07:00

Digital Issue: Apr/May 2021

Featured Articles Co-Editor's Note by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Chasing Turkeys in the Tropics by Darren Haverstick COVID-19 and spring Turkeys by Nathan L. Andersohn Leading Ladies by Dale A. Klug Interview Abe Penner of Cari-Bow Custom Bows by T. J. Conrads Backcountry by A. Preston Taylor To Build A Fire [...]

Digital Issue: Apr/May 20212021-05-06T11:56:11-06:00

Skin A Cat – Knives for Traditional Bowhunters

A full tang blade Helle knife top, and partial tang below. Helle sells complete knives as well as tangs and parts to make your own. I remember my first knife. My father gave it to me when I was quite young. It was made by Schrade with two folding blades made [...]

Skin A Cat – Knives for Traditional Bowhunters2021-02-26T10:02:13-07:00

Traditional Archery Hunter Dave Peters

Jay Peters shared this video with us, and we thought our readers might enjoy it as well. So many traditional bowhunters are down to earth, good people, like Dave. Here's what Jay had to say: "I interviewed my uncle who was 73 at the time of this interview. He has been [...]

Traditional Archery Hunter Dave Peters2021-01-11T12:14:55-07:00

Digital Issue: Feb/Mar 2021

Featured Articles Cliffhanger Ram by Brandon Ray Light Bow, Big Moose by Todd Szmania Traditional Fire by Alfred Gemrich Adventure in the Goat Cliffs by G. Fred Asbell Never Forgotten by Alan Altizer Interview with Matt Schuster by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Primitive Bowhunter by Billy Berger A Stone Hunting Point for [...]

Digital Issue: Feb/Mar 20212021-01-15T18:55:59-07:00

Switching from Compound Bow to Traditional Bow

In this video Clay Hayes discusses the difference between compound bows and traditional bows (recurve bows and longbows) when it comes to making the switch from compound to trad. He'll answer questions like: How long does it take to become accurate with a recurve? Can you hold a traditional bow at [...]

Switching from Compound Bow to Traditional Bow2020-12-09T16:28:05-07:00

How to Get Hunting Land Permission

Learn how to get hunting land permission from local land owners in this quick video brought to you by Bowga Hunting and First Lite! Check out for more awesome hunting content

How to Get Hunting Land Permission2020-12-17T09:21:19-07:00

Public Land Longbow Buck

Follow along as Dalton Lewis of The Stickboys takes a fantastic buck on Ohio public land! Equipment notes: #47 Omega Spirit, Day Six arrows, Day Six Evo Xl broadhead.

Public Land Longbow Buck2020-12-07T08:48:19-07:00

Dutch Oven Pumpkin Dump Cake

Instead of fussing with pie crusts and taking up oven space to bake a pumpkin pie this holiday season, try this decadent but simple Dutch oven dessert you can cook outside. Cee Dub is pretty well known here in Idaho, but if you want more information, Dutch oven recipes, and more [...]

Dutch Oven Pumpkin Dump Cake2020-10-19T17:03:49-06:00

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