The Proper Way to Shoot From Your Knees

Surprisingly, when we practice shooting we usually stand upright, and rarely do we shoot kneeling. When hunting from the ground we find ourselves trying to get lower to escape detection and, since sitting isn't a viable option for shooting, we often end up having to shoot from a kneeling position. Did you know [...]

The Proper Way to Shoot From Your Knees2020-06-15T16:16:04-06:00

Make an Improved Sanding Block

For those of you who make bows, arrows, or any other thing of wood, you probably do a lot of sanding. I’ve had a few sanding blocks in my time, purchased from lumber stores with great enthusiasm. The enthusiasm generally wanes when I find I have to cut the sand paper to fit [...]

Make an Improved Sanding Block2020-04-13T17:46:26-06:00

Make a Big Game Cart

A lady having a yard sale gave me an old golf bag cart to get it out of her yard. Since I’m a tinkerer, I could see more than an old golf bag cart; I could see my new game cart! I attached some wooden boards to the cart using 3/4” conduit holders [...]

Make a Big Game Cart2020-01-21T17:13:20-07:00

A Cheap, Efficient Lantern Case

For years I tried to find a lantern case that would protect my old Coleman Model 200A lantern. My father gave me this lantern over forty years ago, and it is dated as being made in 1957. The original metal cases are hard to come by, and expensive. The plastic cases of today [...]

A Cheap, Efficient Lantern Case2020-01-13T08:43:37-07:00

Collapsible Water Container

Water containers come in many different shapes and sizes, but here is an idea that I've been using for many years. The plastic bag from boxed wine is a great short-term solution to store water for drinking and showering. It can even be used as a pillow. You can't do that with a [...]

Collapsible Water Container2020-01-06T08:06:02-07:00

Pallet Bow and Arrow Rack

My wife uses old wooden pallets to make a variety of items. While helping her with a recent project, it occurred to me that a pallet lends itself nicely to a rack for my bows and arrows. If practical function at a low cost is all you need in a rack, you'll find [...]

Pallet Bow and Arrow Rack2020-01-06T15:56:11-07:00

Fire Tonic

There is nothing worse than getting sick during the winter months. Walking around in cold, damp weather can take its toll on your body. I use a simple, home remedy of fire tonic (fire cider) to boost my immune system and fight the crud all season long. Fire tonic has been around for [...]

Fire Tonic2019-12-13T16:06:57-07:00

How to Butcher a Deer or Elk at Home

I’ve been butchering my own deer and elk meat for a long time. And for much of that time, paid little to no attention to the various cuts save for the backstrap and tenderloins. If it looked like a roast I’d make a roast. If it looked like a steak, I’d [...]

How to Butcher a Deer or Elk at Home2019-10-02T18:15:31-06:00

How to Use a Compass and Map

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors thoroughly yet simply explains how to navigate with just a compass and a map. Regardless of why and how you spend your times in the great out of doors, you should at least know the basic of map and compass navigation and basic orienteering. [...]

How to Use a Compass and Map2019-09-13T11:11:43-06:00

Shadow Tip Navigation

While surfing the web for interesting tidbits of information that you might find valuable, I came across a website called They kindly allowed me to reprint this easy navigation tip. The earth's relationship to the sun can help you to determine direction on earth. The sun always rises in the east and [...]

Shadow Tip Navigation2019-09-04T08:57:07-06:00
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