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Laminated Wood Arrow Self Nocks

To start, this is not my idea. It may have been around forever. Too, there may be a better way to make a laminated arrow self nock; but regardless of how you make it, a laminated arrow nock is substantially stronger than the basic self nock. This tip assumes that you already know [...]

Laminated Wood Arrow Self Nocks2021-04-06T21:43:15-06:00

Make an Improved Sanding Block

For those of you who make bows, arrows, or any other thing of wood, you probably do a lot of sanding. I’ve had a few sanding blocks in my time, purchased from lumber stores with great enthusiasm. The enthusiasm generally wanes when I find I have to cut the sand paper to fit [...]

Make an Improved Sanding Block2020-04-13T17:46:26-06:00

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