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Make a Big Game Cart

A lady having a yard sale gave me an old golf bag cart to get it out of her yard. Since I’m a tinkerer, I could see more than an old golf bag cart; I could see my new game cart! I attached some wooden boards to the cart using 3/4” conduit holders [...]

Make a Big Game Cart2020-01-21T17:13:20-07:00

Brush Buttons for a Recurve Bow

Brush buttons may be placed on each end of a recurve's bowstring to prevent sticks and branches from getting caught between the tips and the string. Brush buttons may be purchased from most archery shops, but I prefer to make my own from wine bottle corks. Some of the new corks are not [...]

Brush Buttons for a Recurve Bow2019-10-21T18:40:37-06:00

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