A lady having a yard sale gave me an old golf bag cart to get it out of her yard. Since I’m a tinkerer, I could see more than an old golf bag cart; I could see my new game cart! I attached some wooden boards to the cart using 3/4” conduit holders and a few nuts and bolts. I drilled various holes into the boards for ropes. The cart had some heavy wire supports, which I straightened and positioned a little better to obtain more support. It would be difficult to tell you how to convert a cart as each one is different; besides, once you get started, you may find better ways to modify and convert it. The point is to be creative and use your imagination to make the cart one that will suit your hunting needs.

I don’t know how much weight my cart will hold. However, I have used it once to carry two hams and the backstraps from a 200lb. boar. Pulling the cart uphill was effortless! Plus I like the fact that it folds down, and is there for me whenever I venture into rough terrain.