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A slingshot can be very helpful in many bowhunting situations such as diverting a deer's attention; rousting a deer from heavy brush; hunting small game; strengthening your arms; and improving your aim. Shooting a slingshot improves your hand/eye coordination as well, and can be practiced almost anywhere. Plus, it's really fun! Formal targets [...]


A Durable Button Compass for Every Occasion

Hunting with traditional archery tackle is challenging enough, let alone trekking uncharted wilderness and roadless areas, big woods or swamps where your ability to get out of an area is even more important than getting into it. In this respect, a solid, reliable compass is just as critical as any other part of [...]

A Durable Button Compass for Every Occasion2019-12-04T15:54:57-07:00

Five Blister Prevention Tips

When you do a lot of stalking on the ground, you can cover a few miles in no time. The quickest way to make a hunt uncomfortable is to develop blisters while you are hiking. Here is a quick video with a few tips on how to avoid blisters. Is there [...]

Five Blister Prevention Tips2018-04-16T10:28:50-06:00

What’s In Your Pack?—Beka Garris

When it comes to hunting, I've always been a fan of packing light. There's no point in carrying a full pack around the woods if you're never going to use half of what's in it. My packs vary depending on what game I'm hunting; turkey hunting has always been the easiest to pack [...]

What’s In Your Pack?—Beka Garris2018-04-06T15:34:54-06:00

What’s In Your Pack? Don Thomas

The contents of one’s pack obviously vary to some degree with where you are and what you’re doing. Here, I’ll talk about what I carry when I’m hunting in Alaska, although most of these items are equally important when hunting elsewhere in the Far North or Mountain West. I’ll also make the assumption [...]

What’s In Your Pack? Don Thomas2018-04-06T15:38:36-06:00

What’s In Your Pack?—David Darling

As a traditional bowhunter who hunts a variety of seasons what’s in my pack varies greatly, but the pack take into the field for my fall whitetail tree stand hunting basically falls into a pretty simple format. For many years my go to pack has been a Bison Gear Teton backpack that’s made [...]

What’s In Your Pack?—David Darling2018-04-06T15:39:50-06:00

What’s In Your Pack?—T. J. Conrads

What I put in my pack depends on where, what, and when I am hunting. Above are the basic items I load up when I am hunting elk and mule deer out West. Left to right top row are game bags, notebook and pen, water bottle, Jetboil, and bow kit. The bags are [...]

What’s In Your Pack?—T. J. Conrads2018-04-06T15:40:28-06:00

Care For a Traditional Bow

With the right techniques, and consistent care, the life of your traditional bow can be lengthened significantly. When caring for your bow, there is some regular maintenance that should be done, as well as a few things that should never be done to your bow. Check out a few tips that can lengthen [...]

Care For a Traditional Bow2018-04-06T15:46:01-06:00

Cold Weather Hunting Clothes

Between November whitetails and late season mallards along Montana spring creeks, I spend a lot of time giving cold weather clothing its sternest test: holding still in sub-zero temperatures. Here are some points my experience has taught me. A friend recently returned early to our kitchen after "freezing out" in a stand near [...]

Cold Weather Hunting Clothes2018-10-15T15:09:28-06:00

See How the Woodsman Broadhead is Made

The Woodsman broadhead has helped bowhunters put big game on the ground all around the world. See step-by-step how the original series Woodsman broadheads are built. These fixed blade broadheads are designed, assembled, and packaged in the Midwest of the USA, a lot of it right at 3Rivers Archery.   [...]

See How the Woodsman Broadhead is Made2018-04-06T16:01:48-06:00
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