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Co-editor Don Thomas and his wife Lori divide their time between homes in rural Montana and somewhere warm. He has been writing for the magazine since 1990. His books can be found at www.donthomasbooks.com

Tracking in Snow

I’ve spent a lot of time tracking animals in snow, ranging from cougars that I want to catch to whitetails that I’m hoping to find piled up a hundred yards downhill. (Wounded deer always seem to run downhill just so you can enjoy packing them uphill once you’ve found them.) Under most conditions, [...]

Tracking in Snow2020-10-19T14:22:20-06:00

Home Sweet Home: Picking a Backcountry Camp Site

I have no idea how many nights I’ve spent camped out in the field, but it’s a lot. Most of them were pleasant and highly enjoyable, either because I was engaged in exciting hunting or fishing nearby or simply because my surroundings were free of the noise and clutter of daily life closer [...]

Home Sweet Home: Picking a Backcountry Camp Site2020-10-19T13:32:16-06:00

Natural Locator Calls

I usually don’t waste hunting time chasing turkeys in an area where I haven’t previously confirmed their presence, but this season was different. Two freak spring blizzards had driven the birds from their usual haunts, and I had no idea where they were. On opening morning, I headed to an ordinarily reliable location, [...]

Natural Locator Calls2020-08-05T12:33:56-06:00

Packing An Animal Without a Pack

This is an excerpt from Don's article, And One For All, in the Oct/Nov 2019 issue. We weren’t quite done yet. Back when we had four kids at home our household could consume amazing amounts of wild game. Now that it was just Lori and me, two deer would about do it. Knowing [...]

Packing An Animal Without a Pack2019-11-21T09:20:15-07:00

Shooting High

Since it's whitetail season and a lot of us are hunting from trees, do you ever wonder why it's so easy to shoot too high from a treestand? Sure, bucks do jump the string sometimes, and their first movement is downward, but 3-D targets don't move and most of us tend to shoot [...]

Shooting High2019-08-19T17:01:18-06:00

Game Profile—American Antelope

Where the deer and the antelope play… As the words from Home on the Range suggest, the American pronghorn, familiarly known as antelope, practically defined the prairie wilderness settlers encountered as they pushed west across the Great Plains. There's still something uniquely western about the species, and the very thought of hunting them [...]

Game Profile—American Antelope2019-08-08T14:27:49-06:00

Build a Better Venison Burger

An entire article on making a hamburger? I’m kidding, right? Wrong, and I’ll tell you why. First, I feel strongly that eating what we shoot doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves nowadays. Too many hunting magazines have devolved to endless streams of “grab-and-grin” hero photos separated by breathless prose descriptions of G-2s [...]

Build a Better Venison Burger2019-07-03T09:05:36-06:00

Eating Javelina

In the Jun/Jul 2019 issue’s Ground Game column, Built for the Ground, I talked about javelina as a great bowhunting spot-and-stalk quarry. One point I tried to emphasize is that despite their reputation to the contrary, they actually make good eating with proper handling in the field and preparation in the kitchen. I [...]

Eating Javelina2019-07-03T09:05:42-06:00

Hunting High—Altitude Sickness

Some years back, a friend came out from the East Coast to go cougar hunting. The morning after he arrived, we set out early and were fortunate enough to strike a good track. By the time the hounds were out of hearing range, he was struggling to keep up with me as we [...]

Hunting High—Altitude Sickness2019-07-03T09:05:53-06:00

Tropic of Capricorn—Feral Goats in Hawaii

As dawn broke slowly over the Maui Channel, Doug Borland and I faced a dilemma. Cooped up by torrential rain for the previous two days, we really needed to get into the hills and go hunting. The weather was beautiful now, but the downpour had left the ranch road we planned to travel [...]

Tropic of Capricorn—Feral Goats in Hawaii2019-07-03T09:05:55-06:00
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