Recently, Bear Archery celebrated the 1970 introduction of Fred Bear’s innovative Take-Down bow. This design truly revolutionized the industry, and is still sought after today. To honor the genesis of this iconic design, Bear released a 50th Anniversary edition earlier this year. With the curse of Covid19 ravaging through every industry and level of life, one can speculate over the lack of fanfare surrounding the release of such an important commemorative bow. Regardless, the word on the street is that Bear Archery is getting back on track with production schedules and bows are starting to show up on dealer’s shelves. This is truly great news.

The 50th Anniversary Take-Down is offered in two wood styles: black maple with a phenolic black accent stripe, or bubinga/phenolic with black phenolic accent stripe. Both are head turners in their own right, and include the easily recognized Fred Bear compass embedded in the handle. You’ll also notice the 50th Anniversary logo stamped onto the bow as well. You can choose between A- and B-sized risers, to achieve overall bow lengths of 56 to 64 inches.

To add a truly special touch to this bow, Bear decided to revive the Heal Horn grip that hasn’t been utilized since the late sixties. Jonathan Karch, of 3Rivers Archery Supply, revealed to me that this retro Heal Horn grip definitely is something special, and is a feature that he prefers. If it’s not nostalgia alone pushing you to unload your wallet, this re-introduced special edition grip might be enough to seal the deal.

If you decide to add a 50th Anniversary Take-Down to your collection, but are having a hard time locating one, check out 3Rivers Archery and let them know that we sent you. They are one of Bear’s top dealers and will have a good chance of having stock on hand.

Features and options rundown:

  • Heal horn style grip allows for a deep feel and consistent grip purchase
  • Arrow shelf is 1/8” above the grip for closer arrow to hand trajectory and consistent arrow flight
  • Features the 50th Anniversary logo stamped onto the bow commemorating 50 years of the legendary Take Down Bow
  • Available in Black Maple with a phenolic black stripe, or Bubinga and phenolic with a phenolic black stripe
  • Available in left and right hand

Possible lengths with riser and limb combinations:

  • A-riser with #1 limbs = 56” AMO
  • A-riser with #3 limbs = 60” AMO
  • B-riser with #1 limbs = 60” AMO
  • B-riser with #3 limbs = 64” AMO

50th Anniversary Take-Down riser: $599
Take-Down limbs (available in draw weights of 30# to 70#): $349.99