Exclusive Bear Archery Products from 3Rivers Archery

Who doesn’t like the looks and nostalgia of vintage archery gear? When it comes to any dyed-in-the-wool traditional archer, there can’t be many who don’t appreciate what the classic Bear Archery logo stands for, or the pride and wanderlust that it evokes. Well, if you’ve been paying attention to the folks at 3Rivers [...]

Exclusive Bear Archery Products from 3Rivers Archery2020-08-06T06:20:54-06:00

Review: Hoffman 6″ Summit Boots

Hoffman Boots is a fourth-generation business located in Kellogg, Idaho. Their mode of operation has always been to offer “high quality, functional products at a fair price.” The Hoffman name had been familiar to me for years, since they produce top notch logging and lineman boots. But they’ve only been offering hunting-specific boots [...]

Review: Hoffman 6″ Summit Boots2020-07-30T12:51:23-06:00

Sitka Gear Kelvin Lite Down Jacket and ¾ Pant

With Summer in full swing and the temperatures blazing, thinking about gear for use in colder conditions may not be at the top of your agenda. But now is the perfect time to be finalizing your mid-to-late season gear lists and taking care of business. Time waits for no man (or woman) and [...]

Sitka Gear Kelvin Lite Down Jacket and ¾ Pant2020-07-27T12:19:03-06:00

Review: The Grayling Quiver, from Selway Archery Products

Back around 2005 was when I first took the plunge into bowhunting. Unbeknownst to me, I also became a “traditional archery nerd” at the same time. My father shot a Bear recurve back in his bowhunting days, so of course, I gravitated toward anything adorned with the Bear Archery logo, especially vintage gear. [...]

Review: The Grayling Quiver, from Selway Archery Products2020-07-15T19:00:55-06:00

Review: St. Joe River Youth Bow

One of the greatest joys in life are children. It could be our own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or that weird kid that lives down the street. It’s been said time and time again, that our children are the future, and that definitely is true when it comes to traditional bowhunting. Fortunately, [...]

Review: St. Joe River Youth Bow2020-07-09T15:10:27-06:00

Bear 50th Anniversary Take-Down

Recently, Bear Archery celebrated the 1970 introduction of Fred Bear’s innovative Take-Down bow. This design truly revolutionized the industry, and is still sought after today. To honor the genesis of this iconic design, Bear released a 50th Anniversary edition earlier this year. With the curse of Covid19 ravaging through every industry and level [...]

Bear 50th Anniversary Take-Down2020-07-01T20:22:46-06:00

Kifaru Field Quiver

Archery ranges and outdoor events have been re-opening across the country. It’s a safe bet that most us have been jonesing to get to the range, and shoot some 3D courses! Kifaru International’s latest release comes just in time with their new Field Quiver. Kifaru describes this new offering as a “modular American [...]

Kifaru Field Quiver2020-07-01T10:52:29-06:00

Showcase: Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

Optics can play a large role in any hunting venture, and in some cases they are crucial. I know from experience that there have been times when I’ve left the binoculars at home, and then ended up verbally assaulting myself for doing it. Stowing your binoculars away in your pack is almost as [...]

Showcase: Sitka Mountain Optics Harness2020-06-18T08:04:52-06:00

Showcase: Tyto Knives Backcountry Roll

There’s something to be said about keeping things simple, clean, and all in one place. When it comes to the knives you bring with you into the field, why should it be any different? Tyto Knives (pronounced: Tee-Toe) has the perfect solution in one tidy, lightweight, minimalistic package: The Backcountry Roll! Tyto’s mission [...]

Showcase: Tyto Knives Backcountry Roll2020-06-04T13:10:49-06:00

Review: Dark Timber Coffee Co.

Experience will tell that you that something as simple as a good cup of coffee, can be the difference between “surviving” and thriving while battling the elements. And just because you choose to hunt with simple equipment, enjoy getting away from the trailhead and roughing it, doesn’t mean that you have to suffer [...]

Review: Dark Timber Coffee Co.2020-05-27T15:49:02-06:00
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