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A freelance outdoor writer and life-long resident of the Inland Northwest, Luke credits his passion for the outdoors to his parents. After spending twelve years in the Outdoor industry, Luke started Selkirk North Media with the goal of creating and sharing authentic outdoor experiences, while building solid partnerships within the hunting space. His number one passion involves roaming the wilds with a traditional bow in hand, and seeking methods of the hunt that bring him the most satisfaction. This often leads to an empty freezer, but always a quiver full of stories.

Adjustable Magnetic Arrow Rest by Western Archery

I’ve always been a shoot off the shelf, instinctive shooter. Therefore, I’ve never had much use for elevated rests. But I got my hands on a Bear 59 Kodiak this year, which comes with the well-known Bear “Feather Rest” installed. If you’ve ever shot with one, you’ll know that they offer great fletching [...]

Adjustable Magnetic Arrow Rest by Western Archery2021-04-06T15:58:32-06:00

The Bowhiking Chronicles #101320: October Musings

On a recent, crisp morning, I stepped outside of my front door and caught myself musing how much I loved the month of October. For years, the month of September has been my favorite time of year, and I have always figured it as the one month that I looked forward to, and [...]

The Bowhiking Chronicles #101320: October Musings2020-10-26T14:11:30-06:00

Review: Wood-Burr Workshop Tab

Every once in a while, you see a product and go “AH-HA! Why hadn’t I thought of that before?!” As traditional archers and bowhunters we all take pride in our simple, yet elegant equipment. We shell out hard-earned money for beautiful, handcrafted bows, armguards, quivers and other paraphernalia—I definitely fall into this category. [...]

Review: Wood-Burr Workshop Tab2021-04-06T16:05:07-06:00

Laced Up and Socked In

So, you got that new pair of boots and they seem great, but then what? This question may seem arbitrary, or even asinine, but it definitely holds merit. There are a couple of details when it comes to the realm of boots, that I feel might be overlooked, or just isn’t a hot [...]

Laced Up and Socked In2020-10-08T16:43:14-06:00

The Bowhiking Chronicles #092820: Soak It All In

The one time of the year that I look forward to the most is the month of September. And given the high level of anticipation and long wait time, I tend to have equally high expectations. But how often do we let the anxieties of our everyday life ruin something that’s pure, muddying [...]

The Bowhiking Chronicles #092820: Soak It All In2020-10-03T14:54:41-06:00

Review: AGrip, by Brooks Tactical Systems

Every once in a while, you discover a product that’s sold under a certain category, but you find a use for it in a completely different manner than how the product is marketed it to be used. And in addition, there's those oddball occasions where you come to find out that actually, the [...]

Review: AGrip, by Brooks Tactical Systems2020-09-25T22:41:43-06:00

Showcase: Mike Mitten “Herd Bull” Tribute Package

I recall years ago, encountering a certain “Herd Bull” on a couple of traditional archery forums, and feeling inspired by the photos and stories that this person shared. A short time later, I discovered through the pages of TBM, that this “person” was actually Mike Mitten and his exploits in the field were [...]

Showcase: Mike Mitten “Herd Bull” Tribute Package2020-09-17T16:03:51-06:00

The Bowhiking Chronicles #090920: Full of Rust and the Freight Train Bull

Even though I didn’t start elk hunting until I was about 27 years old, it’s the one thing that I look forward to throughout the year. In the areas that I hunt, the terrain is often limiting and the low elk densities make for a challenging hunt. In 12 years of elk hunting, [...]

The Bowhiking Chronicles #090920: Full of Rust and the Freight Train Bull2021-01-19T13:44:25-07:00

Review: Alaska Guide Creations K.I.S.S Bino Pack

If you spend enough time in the woods, you eventually come to the conclusion that hunting with binoculars is much better than hunting without them. But how do you carry them along? Inside your backpack, on a strap around your neck, dangling from a chest harness exposed to the elements…tucked into a vest [...]

Review: Alaska Guide Creations K.I.S.S Bino Pack2020-09-18T13:57:49-06:00

The Bowhiking Chronicles #090111: Opening Day, Bittersweet

Doing my best to get through the work day, I couldn't sit still...couldn't concentrate. Everyone kept asking me if I'd "had too much sugar"..."had too much coffee"... "why are you so hyper?" At first, I really didn't have an answer for them, but as the day drew on and I couldn't sit still [...]

The Bowhiking Chronicles #090111: Opening Day, Bittersweet2020-08-28T12:48:04-06:00

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