Skin A Cat – Knives for Traditional Bowhunters

A full tang blade Helle knife top, and partial tang below. Helle sells complete knives as well as tangs and parts to make your own. I remember my first knife. My father gave it to me when I was quite young. It was made by Schrade with two folding blades made [...]

Skin A Cat – Knives for Traditional Bowhunters2021-02-26T10:02:13-07:00

The Success of Failing

Late October, on a cold and shivery afternoon, I was in my tree stand at a good location with a perfect wind. Our family farmland, where I have hunted for 30 years, has produced many nice bucks and has filled freezers consistently over the decades. I was set up near “Buck Corner”, a [...]

The Success of Failing2021-02-21T17:25:15-07:00

Gear Review: Two Backpacks for Bowhunters

I vividly remember the first time I prepared for a mule deer hunt with my dad. In fact, I remember it better than the actual hunt. It was August 1996, and I had just finished my Hunters Education course. The excitement of getting to go hunting was likely the only thing that made [...]

Gear Review: Two Backpacks for Bowhunters2021-02-08T08:54:55-07:00

Are We Hunting?

“He has draped the American Outdoorsman with an infinity of contraptions, all offered as aids to self-reliance, hardihood, woodcraft or marksmanship, but too often functioning as substitutes for them. Gadgets fill the pockets, they dangle from the neck and belt. The outdoor equipment grows lighter and often better, but the aggregate poundage becomes [...]

Are We Hunting?2021-01-20T11:02:51-07:00

Traditional Archives: Saxton T. Pope

One man clearly stands out when you think back to the advent of modern bowhunting in the United States—Saxton T. Pope. What Maurice Thompson started in the late 1800s, Pope took to the next level in the 1920s. Saxton Temple Pope was born at Fort Stockton, Texas, on September 4, 1875. His father, [...]

Traditional Archives: Saxton T. Pope2021-01-21T10:55:09-07:00

Traditional Archery Hunter Dave Peters

Jay Peters shared this video with us, and we thought our readers might enjoy it as well. So many traditional bowhunters are down to earth, good people, like Dave. Here's what Jay had to say: "I interviewed my uncle who was 73 at the time of this interview. He has been [...]

Traditional Archery Hunter Dave Peters2021-01-11T12:14:55-07:00

Switching from Compound Bow to Traditional Bow

In this video Clay Hayes discusses the difference between compound bows and traditional bows (recurve bows and longbows) when it comes to making the switch from compound to trad. He'll answer questions like: How long does it take to become accurate with a recurve? Can you hold a traditional bow at [...]

Switching from Compound Bow to Traditional Bow2020-12-09T16:28:05-07:00

How to Get Hunting Land Permission

Learn how to get hunting land permission from local land owners in this quick video brought to you by Bowga Hunting and First Lite! Check out for more awesome hunting content

How to Get Hunting Land Permission2020-12-17T09:21:19-07:00

Public Land Longbow Buck

Follow along as Dalton Lewis of The Stickboys takes a fantastic buck on Ohio public land! Equipment notes: #47 Omega Spirit, Day Six arrows, Day Six Evo Xl broadhead.

Public Land Longbow Buck2020-12-07T08:48:19-07:00

Wild Cuisine: French Onion Venison Steaks

This past deer season was extremely successful for me for a variety of reasons. One, I managed to shoot a big doe with my recurve and have my baby daughter along. Two, I hadn’t got a deer the previous year, thus our freezer was feeling pretty empty when it came to red meat. [...]

Wild Cuisine: French Onion Venison Steaks2020-11-16T17:02:23-07:00
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