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  1. Compton Big Game Classic

    March 23 - March 24
  2. Kentucky Tradfest

    April 6 - April 8
  3. BHA 2018 Rendevous

    April 12 - April 14
  4. Texas Hill Country Shootout

    April 14 - April 15

Campfire Stories

Bowfishing Circa 1947

Queen of the Roost

Beagles and Traditional Bows

Tip of the Week

Splitting Turkey Feathers

Spring turkey season provides us with the opportunity to collect some of the best feathers for fletching. Everyone [...]

Homemade Emergency Fire Starters

When hunting in the backcountry of Colorado and elsewhere, you sometimes get caught in a rain shower and [...]


A slingshot can be very helpful in many bowhunting situations such as diverting a deer's attention; rousting a [...]

Tradbow Photo Gallery

Get Closer; Shoot Traditional.

One thing that makes traditional bowhunting so unique, is the challenge to get in close to the animal. We made a limited time shirt that embodies this. Get it before it’s gone!

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