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Fluorescent Orange and the Trad Bowhunter

My wife, Linda, sat in her climbing tree stand on the edge of a pine thicket less than 10 yards from a forest service dirt road. The buck scrape to her left was hot with activity. I was across the road in a ground blind, guarding the last few fallen wild apples of [...]

Fluorescent Orange and the Trad Bowhunter2022-12-05T18:06:00-07:00

Must-Know Math for Bowhunters

Shooting game animals is no small responsibility. The future of our shooting sports ultimately will be judged on our ability to make clean kills in the name of wildlife management. I was part of the 1950s and ‘60s, when a deer gun was a lever or pump action for numerous fast shots at [...]

Must-Know Math for Bowhunters2018-08-03T15:47:56-06:00


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