Every once in a while, you see a product and go “AH-HA! Why hadn’t I thought of that before?!” As traditional archers and bowhunters we all take pride in our simple, yet elegant equipment. We shell out hard-earned money for beautiful, handcrafted bows, armguards, quivers and other paraphernalia—I definitely fall into this category. Yet it never occurred to me that something as basic, yet vital, as a shooting tab could be a custom, handcrafted item…until I ran across the Wood-Burr Workshop on Instagram.

Nate Shallcross fell in love with archery during his early twenties. He had traveled from his home in the UK, to Mongolia and then later during the same trip he traveled to New Zealand. While attending an Eagle Festival in Mongolia, he got his first taste of archery and shot a bow for the very first time. He was so impressed by the skill of the Mongolians, that when he later arrived in New Zealand, he sought after someone to teach him further. He initially learned to shoot using a compound and purchased his own bow before making the trek back home from New Zealand. Fast forward through a Wyoming elk hunt and further adventures abroad, and we have Nate joining his local field archery club, and being smitten once again by the graceful lines and mystique of traditional bows.

Believe it or not, but it was The Push Archery podcast, and their SOLID Archery Mechanics course that led him to start handcrafting his own shooting tabs. Until then, he had always used a glove, thinking that tabs were “an Olympic thing”. Once he discovered the benefits of shooting with a tab, he just couldn’t find the right one for him. He really wanted one that was made of all-natural materials, and that reflected the beauty of his favorite longbows. Since he’s always had a passion for working with leather and wood, it didn’t take long for Nate to begin crafting his own tabs, and offering them to other archers who also appreciated handmade gear that complemented their bows.

As I mentioned before, when I came across the Wood-Burr Workshop Instagram page and saw the beautiful tabs that were being offered, a lightbulb went on. I got into contact with Mr. Shallcross and he agreed to send me a few tabs to inspect in person. Among them, was a tab made with black and white ebony to match my favorite Stalker longbow! I’m very impressed with the craftsmanship of these tabs, and you can tell that Nate definitely is passionate about what he does. You never know what you’ll get when ordering “handmade” items online, but these beauties are even better in the flesh, than how they appear on the computer screen. From antler, to pua (abalone shell), mother of pearl, bocote, zebrawood, and everything in between…you can have a custom tab with the face made of practically anything that you wish. Whether you shoot three under, or split finger…or even split finger without a finger spacer…the Wood-Burr Workshop has you covered!

Something that I really appreciate about Nate, is that he’s determined to craft a product that’s tailored to the archer. After receiving my order and doing some shooting, I explained to him that while I loved my new tab, there were a few tweaks that I’d like to see made on my next order, if possible. He then explained to me that he’d build a tab exactly to my specs. And better yet, he actually was already working on a design that was along the lines of what I was asking for! A talented, progressive and dedicated craftsman. What more could you ask for?

Be sure to pay a visit to the Wood-Burr Workshop website and have Nate create the perfect tab for you. And while you’re at it, be sure to get yourself entered in the TBM Subscriber Appreciation Giveaway. Nate has graciously donated four handmade tabs that will go to four lucky subscribers!