Well, by now the cat should be out of the bag. Even though Chris Parrino (the instigator of the Bear licensed Selway quivers) has been leaking out a few of these here and there, he informed me that this year’s Compton Rendezvous would mark the official release of the new Grayling Brown quivers. And I have to say, they look marvelous!

Now you have both green and brown Grayling quivers to choose from.

These new “Hot Chocolate” models, as I’ve affectionately dubbed them, are available in the same configurations as the preceding Grayling Green models. This is simply a continuation of the Grayling line produced by Selway, or a natural progression if you want to look at it that way. While Bear Archery never manufactured brown-colored hoods during production of the well-known “Grayling era” quivers that the current Selway quivers are patterned after; they did manufacture a brown leather topped version of the famous clamp-on, and side mount models at a previous time. So, consider these as more flavor for the pot.

We’ve already covered the backstory surrounding the origin of the Selway Grayling quivers (see: Review – Grayling Quiver), so we’ll skip that here. But I will mention that even though these models are only available in 3, 4, or 5 arrow configurations, the size of the hood will potentially accommodate up to three more arrows. This is of course, all depending on the size and shape of the broadheads you use. The original Grayling quivers from Bear were offered in an 8-arrow maximum capacity. The hoods used in the Selway version are the exact shape and size of the Bear original. When I asked Chris Parrino about this, he basically laughed at me in a scornful tone. He cited that if you “needed more than four arrows on a hunt, you’re doing something wrong.” This leads me to believe that he’s nothing more than an intolerant bigot! And the folks over at Selway are perpetrating a pattern of discrimination and disrespect by not offering 7 and 8 arrow options…! This is of course said in complete love and jest (wink-wink), but the truth still stands that these quivers could accommodate more arrows if so desired.

Side profile of the side mount model.

PRO TIP: Selway offers their standard models in a 6-arrow configuration, which allows for a sufficient number of broadhead-tipped arrows, as well as at least one arrow equipped for small game. They also offer the gripper components that can be purchased separately. While it may cost you a few bucks extra, it is a simple matter to order the 6-arrow gripper components to swap out on your Grayling model. Or, possibly the fine folks at Selway would be kind enough to do this for you at the factory, if you asked them nicely.

You can order these chocolate beauties direct from both Selway and Bear Archery, as well as trusted distributors like 3Rivers Archery. And if you have a favorite website that you like to purchase your archery goodies from, but you don’t see these quivers listed, then just poke them with a sharp stick (or kind words).

SPECS: Interchangeable between Right and Left hand. 3, 4, and 5 arrow capacities available. Choose between slide-on ($112), strap-on ($122), or side-mount style ($132). Choose between Large and Small size arrow gripper, to either accommodate large diameter shafts (5/16” +), or micro diameter shafts (9/32” or less).