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Gear Review: Two Backpacks for Bowhunters

I vividly remember the first time I prepared for a mule deer hunt with my dad. In fact, I remember it better than the actual hunt. It was August 1996, and I had just finished my Hunters Education course. The excitement of getting to go hunting was likely the only thing that made [...]

Gear Review: Two Backpacks for Bowhunters2021-04-06T16:04:27-06:00

Review: St. Joe River Youth Bow

One of the greatest joys in life are children. It could be our own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or that weird kid that lives down the street. It’s been said time and time again, that our children are the future, and that definitely is true when it comes to traditional bowhunting. Fortunately, [...]

Review: St. Joe River Youth Bow2021-04-22T12:09:35-06:00

Homemade Backpacking Meals

I have had the immense pleasure of hunting with T. J. Conrads the past two elk seasons. Not only because of his campfire stories and bowhunting expertise, but the food can’t be beat. For those who follow his Instagram posts, you’ll know when it comes to food, he cuts exactly zero corners. Fortunately [...]

Homemade Backpacking Meals2019-07-30T16:41:02-06:00

Pack Out Workout

Many of us have been there before. Brown down during the morning hunt, then you spend the early afternoon getting it skinned, quartered, boned out, or whatever your preferred processing technique is in the field. Now your pack is loaded up, the afternoon sun is beating down on you, and you’re staring at [...]

Pack Out Workout2019-07-03T09:05:41-06:00

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