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Tip of the Week

Become a better archer, one tip at a time.

We aim to preserve the heritage of the bow and arrow by being the premier source for inspiration, motivation and education that will foster a community of traditional bowhunters for years to come.

Secure Screw-in Arrowheads with Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax, generally found near the home canning supplies, is an excellent thread-lock and “anti-seize” lubricant for steel or aluminum threads that are in contact with aluminum or [...]

Quick Backpacking Meals

I found this tip in a recent Boys' Life Magazine my son was reading. I thought it would be a great way to keep an emergency meal available [...]

Wild Game Burger Doesn’t Have to be Dry

Ground game meat can seem dry compared to fatty beef that many consumers are accustomed to eating. Often, when game is commercially processed, the processor will purchase cheap [...]

Replaceable Knife Blade Container

With the introduction and popularity of replaceable blade knives, carrying extra blades and discarding the used ones safely can be an issue. I carry this simple solution in [...]

Sharpening Single Bevel Broadheads

George M. wrote: How do you sharpen a single bevel broadhead, or convert a two-sided head into a single bevel? It is practically impossible to remake a two-sided [...]

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