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Tip of the Week

Become a better archer, one tip at a time.

We aim to preserve the heritage of the bow and arrow by being the premier source for inspiration, motivation and education that will foster a community of traditional bowhunters for years to come.

Three String System

I keep three bowstrings for my favorite hunting bow at all times. I have fur silencers on my practice string because that makes it easily identifiable, and I [...]

Tag Your Iron

I clearly remember the purchase of my first Dutch oven. I didn't borrow Dad's; he didn't loan his unless he was there to oversee its use. After he [...]

Reflective Tape on Arrows

I first learned of this tip from Dennis Kamstra, who offers excellent ideas in Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine's Tips From the Old Timer column. Thanks for all your tips [...]

Easy Bow Workstation

One of the challenges of bowstring maintenance has always been finding a convenient place to do the work. Most of the time, I sit on a stool with [...]

Inner Tube Silencers

Those of you who have hunted thirty-plus years may already know about these silencers. I do not recall who told me about them in the mid-sixties when I [...]

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