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Tip of the Week

Become a better archer, one tip at a time.

We aim to preserve the heritage of the bow and arrow by being the premier source for inspiration, motivation and education that will foster a community of traditional bowhunters for years to come.

Walking the String

One of the best things about barebow shooting is its diversity. There is no one "correct" way to do it. Spend a day at most traditional shoots and [...]

Swamp Roost

Here in the Southeast, bowhunters often find themselves hunting in swamps where the ground is wet, muddy, and infested with unfriendly, creepy-crawling critters. The way to escape these [...]

Homemade Emergency Fire Starters

When hunting in the backcountry of Colorado and elsewhere, you sometimes get caught in a rain shower and need to get warm and dry off quickly, or you [...]

Identifying the Sex of an Elk from its Tracks

There are lots of hypotheses on how to determine the sex of a deer or elk from its footprints. The following technique was shown to me by my [...]

Splitting Turkey Feathers

Spring turkey season provides us with the opportunity to collect some of the best feathers for fletching. Everyone has his favorite technique for processing feathers, and recently I [...]

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