Paraffin wax, generally found near the home canning supplies, is an excellent thread-lock and “anti-seize” lubricant for steel or aluminum threads that are in contact with aluminum or brass. Most carbon and aluminum arrows have aluminum or brass inserts to add weight. Steel target points, field points, broadheads, and even aluminum screw-in or glue-on adapters can work loose after repeated shooting. To tighten them, melt a little paraffin wax on the screw-in threads and hand tighten. The wax gently locks the threads, and the point will stay put.

Paraffin wax is better than anti-seize compounds because it is inexpensive and does not react with any of the metals we generally use (aluminum, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel). Commercial thread-lock will work, but it is hard to reverse. If the threads coated with paraffin wax become hard to unscrew, a little heat from a lighter on the point will melt the wax and lubricate the threads. As a bonus, arrows that have snaked into the grass and haven’t been found for months will still have threads that work.