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Splitting Turkey Feathers

Spring turkey season provides us with the opportunity to collect some of the best feathers for fletching. Everyone has his favorite technique for processing feathers, and recently I found a better way to do the first step: splitting the quill. I've tried hand and pliers stripping, and pulling against a knife blade stuck [...]

Splitting Turkey Feathers2020-05-03T19:11:20-06:00

Put Some Punch Into Your Carbon Arrows

Wood arrows are my favorite for most of my shooting, but in some hunting situations the consistency and strength of carbon make it a better choice. I like to use 600+ grain arrows for hunting. Using brass inserts and heavy broadheads will help to increase the FOC, but my arrows still need additional [...]

Put Some Punch Into Your Carbon Arrows2020-03-04T19:34:04-07:00

Secure Screw-in Arrowheads with Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax, generally found near the home canning supplies, is an excellent thread-lock and “anti-seize” lubricant for steel or aluminum threads that are in contact with aluminum or brass. Most carbon and aluminum arrows have aluminum or brass inserts to add weight. Steel target points, field points, broadheads, and even aluminum screw-in or [...]

Secure Screw-in Arrowheads with Paraffin Wax2020-02-25T13:41:40-07:00

Keep Broadheads Sharp in the Quiver

Keeping the edge of your broadhead sharp is essential for successful hunting. Most of the ways to carry arrows involve some contact between the point of the blade and the quiver, which can dull the blades. There is a reusable commercial product that coats the edges (also used for re-sharpened power tool blades), or [...]

Keep Broadheads Sharp in the Quiver2018-10-15T13:16:00-06:00