Ron La Clair, a traditional bowhunting legend in his own right, recites the following poem to the children at the Compton Traditional Bowhunters’ 2017 Rendezvous. I think the adults were entertained as well. Ron has written many poems and songs about archery, and if you ever get a chance to hear him in person, its simply mesmerizing.

The Legacy

by Ron La Clair

In days of old when knights were slain
with iron tipped arrows through mail of chain.
And Indians, on horseback who . . .
shot buffalo through and through.
The bow and arrow of days gone by
lives still today through you and I.
For every time we take a breath . . .
For every heartbeat in our chest . . .
For every time we loose the string
to send the feathered shaft to wing . . .
We keep the spirit of the bow
alive, so all today will know
THIS is the kind of archery
passed down to us through history.
And it’s up to us, you and I,
to keep this Legacy alive.
So teach a child to shoot a bow,
then watch the joy within him grow,
and someday when they are grown . . .
They’ll teach children of their own.
We share our love for archery
by passing on this Legacy.
So even after we are gone . . .
the feathered shaft will still, sing its song.