As traditional bowhunters, most of us like to have a blunt- or Judo-tipped arrow with us when we go afield. Piggy Backers have a clip on both sides, so two of them can be used to attach an extra arrow to one of the arrows in the quiver. However, I have never liked having something clipped onto a hunting arrow. If I need that arrow, I would have to deal with the extra arrow while trying to put the Piggy Backers somewhere without dropping them. The method I have been using is simple and convenient, with a combination of two great products: a Great Northern adjustable quiver and Selway Piggy Backers.

By slightly altering the Piggy Backers, I have a full quiver of broadhead arrows and a judo point arrow outside of my quiver. For this project you will need a razor knife, a cordless drill or drill press with a very small drill bit, the quiver and two Piggy Backers.

First, drill a small relief hole in the center of each Piggy Backer. Next, trim off one side of the clips near the holes. Make sure the Piggy Backers won’t interfere with the arrows clipped into the quiver. Now take the quiver apart and slide the Piggy Backers onto the wire of the quiver. Slide one up to the hood of the quiver and one down by the arrow gripper. Then put the quiver back together, attach it to the bow, and load your arrows.