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Regular contributor Duncan Pledger is a journalist and bowhunter from Milton, Wisconsin.

Coming Down to Earth

Back in the early days of bowhunting, ground blinds were the norm and it was considered unsportsman-like to shoot an animal from a tree. That’s all changed since the 1970’s, though, as bowhunters discovered the advantages of being elevated and manufacturers started producing climbing stands. The big advantage to tree hunting is that [...]

Coming Down to Earth2021-09-01T10:59:01-06:00

A Freak Shot and a Freak Deer

The freak shot and the freak deer incidents didn't happen the same year. The shot came first. The year was 1942 when Lawrence Becker of Madison, Wisconsin, made what he called a "freak shot" on a huge 10-point buck. The arrow was one of the "mistakes" which we've all been guilty of from [...]

A Freak Shot and a Freak Deer2019-12-19T05:44:24-07:00


I hate not having something I need when I’m hunting. Unfortunately, the choice often seems to be either toting around a good-sized pack or doing without something I need. By finding compact, light gear that still gets the job done, though, you can have both mobility and the stuff you wish you had [...]


Annie Get Your Bow

Seeing women in a hunting camp these days is not at all uncommon. It happens so regularly, in fact, that their male counterparts simply accept the female member of the party as just “one of the guys”. Indeed, bowhunting is one of our truly gender-neutral sports. One might assume this is the result [...]

Annie Get Your Bow2018-09-13T06:29:59-06:00

Camping with Pope and Young

Saxton Pope and Arthur Young’s hunting adventures in the early part of the last century are well documented. In Pope’s book Hunting with the Bow & Arrow, published in 1923, the author devotes many pages to descriptions of days spent in the rugged California hills stalking deer, bear, and mountain lion. Pope tells [...]

Camping with Pope and Young2018-07-08T13:54:45-06:00

Traditional Archives—Swinehart’s Safari

Since the age of six, Bob Swinehart had been daydreaming about bowhunting in Africa. By the time he’d reached adulthood and could make good on that childhood fantasy, he had become personal friends with a mentor who had plenty of experience hunting there—a man named Howard Hill. “As a youngster,” Swinehart writes, “I [...]

Traditional Archives—Swinehart’s Safari2018-04-16T11:10:47-06:00

Bowfishing Circa 1947

Bowfishing has become an increasingly popular sport. Some of us indulge in it during the off-season to keep hands and eyes tuned for big game hunting in the fall, while others see it not as a means to an end but a sport unto itself. Whichever way bowfishing appeals to today’s archer though, [...]

Bowfishing Circa 19472018-04-06T16:28:35-06:00

Archery Goes to War

At eight o’clock on a beautiful Sunday morning, members of the Hawaiian Archery Association were preparing for an American Round handicap tournament. One of the shooters, H.J. Green, recounted what happened next. “We were wondering why the Army and Navy were having such a heavy practice…we had never heard such loud maneuvers before. [...]

Archery Goes to War2018-04-06T16:34:54-06:00

Traditional Archives—Hunting Moose and Caribou in the 1950s

In 1955, Roy Hoff, the editor of Archery Magazine, took a trip to the Alaska tundra. It was the kind of expedition every bowhunter dreams of—pursuing big game in Alaska, a place which he describes as “that fabulous wonderland where wildlife is so plentiful that to bag a few nice trophies is as [...]

Traditional Archives—Hunting Moose and Caribou in the 1950s2018-04-06T16:37:03-06:00

Paul Bunyan Bucks—Traditional Archives

Left to right: Eugene Reeber, Leo Lange, and Nelson Grumley. Back in the days of lumberjacks and logging camps they told the story of the “winter of the blue snow” when meat was scarce. During that time of starvation and bitter cold the legendary Paul Bunyan stepped up and proved that he was [...]

Paul Bunyan Bucks—Traditional Archives2018-04-06T16:09:38-06:00

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