About Krista Holbrook

Krista is a member of the Professional Bowhunters Society, Compton Traditional Bowhunters, and Golden North Archery in Fairbanks, Alaska. She believes strongly in supporting archery hunting organizations, particularly those that support strong youth programs.

Reuse a Hand Warmer

Hand warmers are nice sometimes to keep your fingers warm, but did you know they are reusable? The warmer is activated by exposure to air, so if you use one for just a couple of hours, you can wrap it tightly in plastic to seal out air and save it for another day. [...]

Reuse a Hand Warmer2021-01-18T13:44:40-07:00

Elastic Arm Bands for Archery

About once a year, I spend an hour sewing a dozen elastic bands for sleeve protection. These are very simple to make: just snug the elastic around your arm while wearing a heavy coat, then mark it with a sharpie marker or pin it with a safety pin. Use that measurement as a [...]

Elastic Arm Bands for Archery2020-12-21T09:07:22-07:00

Help Kids Build a Fun Archery Target

Introducing children to archery can be a fun and rewarding experience. You can also get them involved in target construction prior to actual shooting. I recently enjoyed an opportunity to get youngsters building targets and shooting arrows on the big island of Hawaii. Compton Traditional Bowhunters generously sponsored shooting equipment for the kids. [...]

Help Kids Build a Fun Archery Target2020-05-03T14:20:50-06:00

Wild Game Burger Doesn’t Have to be Dry

Ground game meat can seem dry compared to fatty beef that many consumers are accustomed to eating. Often, when game is commercially processed, the processor will purchase cheap pork fat to mix into the ground meat. Preferring to maintain a healthy organic product, I process all of our game meat myself. For burger [...]

Wild Game Burger Doesn’t Have to be Dry2020-02-11T14:10:49-07:00

Moose Bone Bird Feeder

My friend loves to watch birds, and frequently buys and hauls seed or suet to her feeder. I also love to watch birds, but usually do so in their natural environment rather than working to maintain a feeder. Recently, I came upon a great alternative to hauling seed and suet to attract birds to [...]

Moose Bone Bird Feeder2019-08-16T15:49:42-06:00

Quiver Support

The Arrowmaster Quiver by Rod Jenkins is quite popular here in Alaska because it offers fletch protection in rainy conditions. However, one problem with this style of quiver is that it can collapse near the top where you put arrows into or out of the side opening. This may be caused by weight [...]

Quiver Support2019-07-03T09:05:52-06:00

Handle Your Arrow By The Nock

Favorite Bow Poll I have often heard that the first arrow is the only one that counts, because few hunters get a second shot. If you subscribe to that notion, it might be due to the way you handle your arrow while nocking. One significant advantage of traditional bows over compounds is how [...]

Handle Your Arrow By The Nock2018-05-10T07:25:14-06:00

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