Wild Cuisine: French Onion Venison Steaks

This past deer season was extremely successful for me for a variety of reasons. One, I managed to shoot a big doe with my recurve and have my baby daughter along. Two, I hadn’t got a deer the previous year, thus our freezer was feeling pretty empty when it came to red meat. [...]

Wild Cuisine: French Onion Venison Steaks2020-11-16T17:02:23-07:00

Home Sweet Home: Picking a Backcountry Camp Site

I have no idea how many nights I’ve spent camped out in the field, but it’s a lot. Most of them were pleasant and highly enjoyable, either because I was engaged in exciting hunting or fishing nearby or simply because my surroundings were free of the noise and clutter of daily life closer [...]

Home Sweet Home: Picking a Backcountry Camp Site2020-10-19T13:32:16-06:00

The First Rule: Hunt Where the Deer Are

"Why do we keep driving to the top of the mountain?” my husband and hunting buddy Bob asked. “I don’t know,” I answered. “Look at all these muddy deer trails coming off the bank right along the hard road.” Our drives every day from our campground in north-central Pennsylvania’s Little Pine Creek valley, [...]

The First Rule: Hunt Where the Deer Are2020-09-28T08:46:31-06:00

Migration Trails and Bowhunting Tales

During winter months the deep snows at higher elevations trigger the seasonal migration of mule deer. It is during these times that mule deer move in large herds down along ancestral travel corridors to their wintering grounds at lower elevations. It is essential for deer to travel in order to access seasonal habitats. [...]

Migration Trails and Bowhunting Tales2020-09-18T11:14:21-06:00

Golden State Hog

As deer season faded away and winter settled in, I started to get excited about wild pigs. I live in an area with a large population of feral pigs, but there is little public land that offers a good chance of hunting success. So, it is best to know someone with a hog [...]

Golden State Hog2020-08-03T10:10:31-06:00

Field Dressing—Now What?

A couple of years ago, I shot a whitetail doe right at dusk. The shot looked pretty good in the fading light, and the deer bounded down the side of the mountain through the timber. I could hear the deer’s frantic escape in the dry leaves, and it sounded like she made it [...]

Field Dressing—Now What?2020-07-20T08:12:11-06:00

One Moose of a Challenge

“Dennis,” my guide whispered in my ear, “I think you’re going to have to go in on him on your own. He doesn’t seem to want to budge, and none of my grunting, cow-calling, or brush-raking has succeeded in getting any response from him at all.” I could hear the frustration in Eric’s [...]

One Moose of a Challenge2020-07-06T08:58:48-06:00

The Challenge

The blacktail doe appeared from below and behind my stand, a new approach. It was the last day of the season and does are legal in the deer de-emphasis unit where I live in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. I dropped the string! Such was the season a year earlier. By the end of August [...]

The Challenge2020-06-08T08:27:48-06:00

Bowfishing With the Kid

I heard the moist-sounding “thunk” and knew what would come next. Yep, there it was, the frustrated exclamation, “Poppa, I missed again!” I was trying to teach my grandson, Jake, how to shoot carp with a bow. He was a pretty good shot with his Bear Super Mag, but the carp were getting [...]

Bowfishing With the Kid2020-05-29T12:02:30-06:00

Lucked Out

Bowhunting with a traditional bow is tough. Add a baby and it’s even tougher. Yes, I know how crazy that sounds. I’m fairly new to the world of traditional archery, having hunted just four deer seasons with stick and string. I’ve been pretty lucky for the most part, filling tags every year and [...]

Lucked Out2020-04-29T15:02:41-06:00
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