About Fred Eichler

Regular contributor Fred Eichler operates Fulldraw Outfitters in southern Colorado. For the last 21 years, he has guided bowhunting clients for cougars as well as multiple other western big game species.

Getting Ready for Cougar

One of the deadliest predators in North America is also the most elusive. Our largest cat, mountain lions often take down healthy big game animals like elk and moose that can outweigh them by five times their own body weight. Their most common prey is deer, and research has proven that mature cats [...]

Getting Ready for Cougar2019-12-01T15:57:52-07:00

Dupe ’em with Decoys

Using decoys to help lure animals into range goes back almost as far as our hunting history does. In fact, early man and Native Americans were the first to employ many of the same strategies we still use today to kill animals. I am sure our forefathers learned a lot of their hunting [...]

Dupe ’em with Decoys2018-07-03T10:50:05-06:00