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I get a lot of questions about how to submit a kill photo for the magazine. The Traditional Harvest pages are sponsored by Columbia River Knife and Tool in Portland, Oregon. They give away a knife to one lucky hunter in each issue. If you would like to submit your picture, mail it to us at:

Traditional Bowhunter Magazine
Attn: T. J. Conrads
P O Box 519
Eagle, ID 83616

Please include your name, address, and any pertinent information you’d like to include, such as bow, arrow, broadhead, etc. If you would like the photo returned, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Photos can also be emailed to Please email the full-sized image for the best results.

I’d like to outline a few other tips for good hunting photos. This applies to the magazine, our online gallery, or even the bulletin board at the sporting goods store. Keep in mind that not everyone who sees your photo is a hunter. Images of hunters straddling their quarry, animals hanging from a hook, or anything with motorized vehicles will not be accepted. Take a few minutes to follow a couple of guidelines and everyone will be happier with the results.

    • Position the animal so the sun, if available, shines onto the animal’s face.
    • Tuck the legs under and sit the animal upright as much as possible.
    • Trim away grass or brush to get a clear view of the animal and remove all blood, guts, arrows, and anything man-made (tents, motorized vehicles, etc.) from the picture.
    • Push the animal’s tongue back into its mouth or cut it off.
    • If the hunter is wearing a brimmed hat, push it back and up so that his/her face shows in the picture.
    • Get in close and fill the frame with the picture.
    • Shoot both vertical and horizontal shots, and shoot lots of photos.

About the Author:

T. J. Conrads is the Editor, Publisher and Founder of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. He has written many articles over the years, and has also written two excellent books: The Traditional Bowhunter's Handbook and Campfire Reflections.

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