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Tip of the Week

Become a better archer, one tip at a time.

We aim to preserve the heritage of the bow and arrow by being the premier source for inspiration, motivation and education that will foster a community of traditional bowhunters for years to come.

Splitting Turkey Feathers

Spring turkey season provides us with the opportunity to collect some of the best feathers for fletching. Everyone has his favorite technique for processing feathers, and recently I [...]

Homemade Emergency Fire Starters

When hunting in the backcountry of Colorado and elsewhere, you sometimes get caught in a rain shower and need to get warm and dry off quickly, or you [...]


A slingshot can be very helpful in many bowhunting situations such as diverting a deer's attention; rousting a deer from heavy brush; hunting small game; strengthening your arms; [...]

Cutting Feathers for Arrow Fletching

There are many ways to cut feathers before fletching an arrow, but this tip will also work when cutting feathers that are already on the shaft. Sometimes it [...]

Paper Tuning Bare Shaft Arrows

When paper tuning bare shafts to correct arrow flight, you need to know the direction the nock end of the shaft is pointing relative to the hole made [...]

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