I keep three bowstrings for my favorite hunting bow at all times. I have fur silencers on my practice string because that makes it easily identifiable, and I prefer the look. I use cat whiskers on my two hunting strings, regular use and backup, because they shed rain the best.

At the end of each hunting season I toss my practice string, which is usually worn out or close to it by then and buy a new string for my bow. I replace the cat whiskers on the regular hunting string with fur silencers, which then becomes my practice string. My backup hunting string becomes my new hunting string, and I set up and stretch the new string to be my backup hunting string. All of the strings are pre-stretched with silencers and nocks properly installed before hunting season starts.

By using a three-string system, I always have a like new string for actual hunting, and a new backup string. If something happens in the field that requires me to replace my regular hunting string with its backup, my practice string can then become my backup hunting string. It’s a flawless system that keeps you in perfectly tuned strings regardless of the circumstances.