While trying to get just a little closer to the prey, many hunters take off their boots and continue in stocking feet. This does two things: it cuts down on the noise, and it makes you walk very slowly. However, when you are finished stalking you have to get back to your boots, which can be painful unless you walk very slowly.

I carry a pair of cushion insoles inside a pair of dark hiking socks. After removing my boots, I place the insoles between my socks and the hiking socks. The insoles provide protection against sharp stones and briars while leaving the soft soles of the hiking socks against the ground for silent stalking. Getting back to your boots is a simple affair, and taking them off means you don’t have to pick the stickers out of your socks before putting your boots on again.

Of course, you could simply take the insoles out of your boots and slip them into your socks if you are in a pinch, but then there are the stickers….