There’s something to be said about keeping things simple, clean, and all in one place. When it comes to the knives you bring with you into the field, why should it be any different? Tyto Knives (pronounced: Tee-Toe) has the perfect solution in one tidy, lightweight, minimalistic package: The Backcountry Roll!

Tyto’s mission statement sums everything up, and in a fashion that we likely all can get behind. “Tyto Knives are built with the serious hunter in mind. It is what we do. It’s our passion. We stand behind the products we make, because we found a need for a better solution through our experiences. Simplistic design and construction. Clean, functional, ergonomic and made with high quality materials. Innovation is what we strive for. Manufactured in the USA.”

The Backcountry Roll keeps your knives, sharpeners, and blades organized and handy. The roll itself is lightweight (1.8 oz) and durable, made from 500D Cordura nylon. Designed with four, 2” wide slots, it keeps knives securely in place, along with replacement blades for the Tyto 1.1 and the smaller Tyto Ti (not shown, and currently sold out) models. There’s even room for a small sharpener, leaving you ready for the backcountry, as well as the back 40!

Tyto extends the functionality of this kit, by also offering a spork attachment (sold separately) that fits the handles of both the Tyto 1.1 and Tyto Ti knife models. If you look outside the box; it’s easy to see that the BC Roll could also be used with a number of compatible knives, as well as any tertiary support gear that you may want to keep tidy and organized.

The Backcountry roll can be ordered by itself ($40), or pre-loaded with any combination of Tyto’s knives. If you order the fully-loaded option ($240), the BC roll comes with (1) Tyto 1.1 replaceable blade knife, (1) Fanin 3.0 fixed blade knife, (10) size 60 stainless steel blades and (10) #22 stainless steel blades (both replacement blade sizes for the Tyto 1.1 knife).

The Fanin 3.0 fixed blade is made of D2 steel, and can be ordered with the following finish options: Satin, Orange Cerakote, or Parakeet Green Cerakote.

Be sure to check out Tyto Knives, and tell them that TBM sent you!