For years traditional archers have been looking for a fix to solve the wet, soggy fletching and poor flight that can come from an arrow with flat feathers. From powders to sprays to putting covers on them, to even using condoms, there are many ways to try and keep feathers dry. Now before we dive into this, vanes have been shot from recurves and longbows for decades. Vanes have been “trad” longer than some of us have been alive. Now, the trick to getting vanes to fly correctly has been the reason why most of us have stayed with feathers.

Aron Snyder and AAE set out to find the softest material they could that would have minimal shelf contact, like a feather, but continue to have the durability and shootability of a vane. Last year Trad Vanes were released to the market. It started off fairly slow as even I looked at it for what it was…it just wasn’t trad! But the thing is, most of what we shoot these days are not “trad” as they are built using machines and with much better laminates than what was made back in the day.

The cons of shooting vanes are minimal when used right. They do require, in my opinion, a more radiused shelf, which can be fixed by putting a piece of weed whacker material under the shelf plate. Out of the two packs of vanes I’ve gone through, I did have to throw three of them out due to them being deformed and shaped differently. Other than that, I’ve found no further issues.

The pros outweigh the cons, in my opinion. Vanes are more durable than feathers, and they are quieter in flight. Both of those points are huge for us stickbow shooters. They are also cheaper than feathers.

All in all, it’s up to you personally what you want to shoot. I will definitely have some in my quiver at all times now. I do love the aesthetics of feathers, but the vanes will help me stay in the field longer!

Product details:

  • Made from AAE’s proprietary Plastifletch material allowing to be shot off the shelf
  • No prep needed (Flex Bond glue is recommended)
  • Individual vane weights: 3”- 3.8 grains. 4”– 5.2 grains. 5”- 6.5 grains. (All lengths are .5” high)
  • Parabolic profile
  • Available in lengths of: 3”, 4” and 5” (Actual lengths turned out to be .25” shorter than listed.)
  • Sold in packs of 12, or 50 count
  • Choose from: Bright Green, Orange, Hot Pink, Sunset Gold, White, Yellow, Blue, Black and Red
  • MSRP: $20.99 per 50 pack. (Available in packs of 12 and 50 from 3Rivers Archery)