Are you looking for an easy, inexpensive way to get a grip on your bow? Here is a great DIY for you.

What You’ll Need:

Purchase a standard bicycle inner tube from any department store, or ask your local bike shop if they have old tubes that they would be willing to give you. Select a wider mountain bike tube for a recurve grip, or a narrow street bike tube for a longbow grip.  A high-performance tube is made with thicker rubber and would provide more cushioning to your hand.

Cut the tube to the length of your bow grip. Then turn it inside-out so that any writing or creases are on the inside, against the bow where they will not be visible.

Roll the tube up from the bottom limb and keep rolling until the bottom of the tube is at the bottom of the handle. Once in place, unroll the rest of the tube up and around the bow grip.

This is much less expensive than a store-bought rubber bow grip, and you’ll have enough material to make about a dozen grips; one for each bow in your growing collection, and one in your pack for an emergency grip repair while in the woods.