Dixon, Calif. – KUIU, the ultralight performance hunting gear company, announced the launch of Valo, its newest hunting camouflage pattern. The launch comes after three years of research and development, countless iterations, and input from the best hunters and guides in the world. With the introduction of Valo, hunters are now completely covered for every environment with the three most effective camo patterns in the industry.

  • Valo is a lighter, low-contrast pattern, and adds a new dimension to KUIU camouflage. Like KUIU’s other camo patterns, Valo’s large macro pattern with micro details help breakup the human outline. It’s effective across a variety of terrain and vegetation after seasonal changes or frost burn.
  • Featuring, a complex color palette, Valo takes on the colors of its surroundings, and works great at both, long- and short-range distances. The Valo colors include low-contrast earth tones with a minimal amount of black. Its subtle tones conceal a hunter’s movements, blending in and adapting while hunting in environments that lack contrasting colors and cover.
  • Valo has been tested in some of the most challenging hunting conditions by world-class hunters and guides. Adaptable to different landscapes, Valo has been in the field across North America, including Alaska, British Columbia, Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, and California.

“The color choices of Valo are exactly what I would have hoped for,” says Jake Franklin, Outfitter at Kika Worldwide. “Each of the colors on their own (as a solid) would be a pretty darn good natural camouflage, putting all of them together in one pattern makes it perfect.”

“Immediately I felt like this was a do-it-all, go-anywhere camouflage,” said Bobby Warner, If I was taking a road trip leaving in August and coming back in January, I would only take Valo. Different habitats, different animals — Valo would cover it all.”

Valo was developed to expand the KUIU camouflage offerings. KUIU’s three camo patterns are idea for any distance, environment or season and offer the optimal mix of blending, concealment and break up for anywhere you hunt. They are designed to break up your outline, so you blend into your surroundings and go undetected by game.

ABOUT KUIU: Based in Dixon, California, KUIU was founded in 2011 to provide customers with the world’s most advanced hunting layering system and equipment on the market. KUIU provides remarkable apparel and equipment that is light, packable, and dependable. By eliminating retailers and selling their products exclusively online, KUIU drives the ultimate shopping experience. They provide superior customer service, lower pricing, and the highest product quality. For additional information visit www.KUIU.com or call 1-855-367-5848 Monday-Friday from 9:00AM-5:00PM PST.