Keeping the edge of your broadhead sharp is essential for successful hunting. Most of the ways to carry arrows involve some contact between the point of the blade and the quiver, which can dull the blades. There is a reusable commercial product that coats the edges (also used for re-sharpened power tool blades), or you can cover the edges with hot glue that you probably have in your shop. Plug in a hot glue gun and wipe the sharpened blade edges with alcohol. Carefully run a bead of glue along each edge and let it drape down over both sides. You might have to put a bead on both sides of each edge.

The hot glue stays on the broadhead while in the quiver, but peels off easily when you’re ready to use the arrow. Hot glue is durable, so put the used glue strip in your pocket. If you leave it in the woods it will probably last through the next ice age.