This is very hard for me, but I knew this day would come. Fred passed away peacefully Saturday night with Teresa by his side.

Teresa wanted me to thank all you for your prayers, and know that Fred loved our community. He is, and always will be, a major influence on people from all over the world.

There are so many memories…so many laughs, campfires, and hunts we shared. These will last me all the days of my life.

Please honor Teresa’s privacy as she navigates the unknown that lies ahead, and hold her in your prayers as she moves forward. She needs time, now more than ever, to be with her thoughts.

There will be no funeral, as he wanted us to remember him as our memories allow. In time, she said that our archery community will memorialize Fred in our own ways, as that was his wish. I will stay in contact with Teresa, as she and I are quite close and she will need another shoulder and ear to lean on. As always, I will relay those things as she asks me to.

I will miss you, my friend. May we share another campfire…somewhere in the Great Unknown.

Selah, Brother.