The final list in our series comes from the members of our Campfire Forum. It’s a longer list, so there’s no description for each book. Log in (or sign up for a free membership) and read the full thread Books for Traditional Bowhunters to see some of the reasons these books were suggested. Heck, get involved in the forums and make some new friends!

Many of these can be found through your favorite book seller. If the author sells the book directly, the photo will link to the author’s website. Some of these books are available from your favorite archery supply store, or by doing an internet search for the author. Some may be available as e-books at and some are just impossible to find.

A Hunter’s Heart
by David Petersen

A Thousand Campfires
by Jay Massey

Become The Arrow 
by Byron Ferguson

Bowhunting: A Passion for Life
by Monty Browning

by David Petersen

How Sportsmen Saved the World
by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

Hunting the Hard Way
by Howard Hill

Instinctive Archery Insights
by Jay Kidwell

Ishi in Two Worlds
by Theodora Kroeber

Stalking and Still-Hunting
by G. Fred Asbell

The American Longbow
by Stephen Graf

The Hidden Life of Trees
by Peter Wohlleben

The Island Within
by Richard Nelson

The Maine Woods
by Henry David Thoreau

The Witchery of Archery
by Maurice Thompson

Traditional Bowhunter’s Path
by Ron Rohrbaugh

Treestand Stategies
by Gene and Barry Wensel

Yahi Archery
by Saxton Pope