Every now and then something extraordinary happens unexpectedly. Those of you who’ve been following my traditional bow hunting videos for long will have seen Fen on some of the previous hunts. Both he and his brother Coye have been shooting selfbows since they could walk, but I’d never have expected this to happen. While in South Florida hog hunting and filming with Ryan Gill (HuntPrimitive) and Vasten Hall, I carried a single broadhead-tipped arrow for Fen. I thought we might find a rabbit or raccoon that he could try’n shoot. Or perhaps some small hogs like we got into last year. When we got into a group of hogs I handed Fen his arrow and turned my attention to filming Ryan trying to shoot a hog with his primitive bow and stone points. Fen went his own way.

Just a few minutes later Fen came running back saying he’d shot a hog and the arrow was in it. “I hit it in the perfect spot,” he kept saying. Not knowing what to make of that, or if he even knew what the “perfect spot” was, I checked with Vasten. Sure enough, he’d shot one with his little 20# recurve selfbow! The hog must have been quartering to him because the arrow entered in front of the shoulder and traveled back into the chest achieving 9 inches of penetration and breaking one rib before stopping. Fen’s bow is 20lbs at 20″. The arrow is 1/4″ cane tipped with a 190 Tuffhead broadhead. The total arrow weight was 410 grains. That’s impressive!

I wish that I’d been on his heels to capture the shot on film, but him shooting a hog was the last thing I thought would happen. Looks like I might be relegated to cameraman following this little hunter around in the near future! But that’s fine by me.