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Clay Hayes produces videos on all manner of woodsmanship, traditional archery, and bowhunting topics. You can check them out at Twisted Stave.

Fen Shot a Hog

Every now and then something extraordinary happens unexpectedly. Those of you who've been following my traditional bow hunting videos for long will have seen Fen on some of the previous hunts. Both he and his brother Coye have been shooting selfbows since they could walk, but I'd never have expected this [...]

Fen Shot a Hog2020-03-20T09:05:36-06:00

How to Butcher a Deer or Elk at Home

I’ve been butchering my own deer and elk meat for a long time. And for much of that time, paid little to no attention to the various cuts save for the backstrap and tenderloins. If it looked like a roast I’d make a roast. If it looked like a steak, I’d [...]

How to Butcher a Deer or Elk at Home2019-10-02T18:15:31-06:00

Stalking and Still-Hunting

The nearly lost art of getting close. For clarification’s sake, I’d like to talk about what stalking is versus still-hunting. Sometimes hunters will refer to stand hunting as still-hunting, as I will on occasion. But when I say still-hunting, I’ll be referring to moving very slowly and deliberately through the woods trying to [...]

Stalking and Still-Hunting2019-09-13T11:07:29-06:00

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