About once a year, I spend an hour sewing a dozen elastic bands for sleeve protection. These are very simple to make: just snug the elastic around your arm while wearing a heavy coat, then mark it with a sharpie marker or pin it with a safety pin. Use that measurement as a pattern, making a few larger and smaller bands to have a good variety. Sew the short edges together and you’re done!

I put them into the pockets of my favorite jackets, the ones I might wear while hunting or shooting at the archery range. Any time a blousy sleeve impedes my bowstring, I have one handy to slip onto my bicep area to contain excess fabric. I put a couple into my quiver pocket so I have some to share at archery shoots. I also safety pin a band into place on my primary hunting coat. No more string slapping fabric on my shirt or coat sleeve causing loud noise or poor arrow flight.