After field dressing game, whether a deer or a couple of squirrels, it’s nice to have some soap and water handy for washing. I usually hang a large jug filled with water over the tailgate of my truck for washing up, but digging through a bag or pack with bloody or dirty hands to find the soap is messy.

To keep from soiling my pack and its contents while rummaging for soap, I started collecting the slivers of scent-free Ivory soap that usually wind up in the trash. When I collect a handful of slivers, I drop them into an old nylon stocking which I tie to the water container. Now, when I need to clean up, I have scent-free soap at my fingertips. A few drops of water on the stocking will lather nicely, and the nylon is mildly abrasive enough to remove blood and grime. After washing up, rinse it and let it hang there to drain for the next time you need it.

I keep a “sliver stocking” hanging in the splash well in the back of my boat, which is handy for cleaning up after a day of handling fish and bait. I also have one hanging from the faucet in my yard to clean up after washing the birdbath or working in the vegetable garden. The stockings are always there when needed the next time.