During hunting season in Indiana, the weather changes constantly. In order to be prepared for anything, I pack a light rain suit (Frogg Toggs) that takes up very little space and is easy to carry. However, when the rain starts to fall, pulling the rain pants over my boots can be a problem.

Taking my boots off and standing on wet ground is not an option. Putting my big ol’ dirty boot through the pant legs makes a mess. I have found that carrying a few plastic grocery bags (which are handy in a multitude of ways) allows me to put a bag over my boot and then pull the rain pants over that leg. The bag slides easily through the leg of the rain pants without snagging, and it keeps the water, mud and debris off the inside of the rain pants.

Lean against a tree for balance, slip a bag over one boot and put it through the pant leg. Remove the bag before putting your foot onto the ground to avoid getting mud and debris on the outside of the bag. Bag the other boot and repeat the process. In a snap you are standing on the ground pulling up your rain pants.

Shake the water and dirt out of the bag, put it back into your pack and dispose of it when you get back to camp. When you are shopping for rain gear, keep this tip in mind and look for pants that have a leg wide enough to accommodate your boot size.


Editor’s note: The plastic bag trick also works for donning a damp wetsuit.